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The Wingfeather Saga Season 2

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What is The Wingfeather Saga?

The Wingfeather Saga is a redemptive fantasy book series for the whole family that is being turned into a multi-season, animated TV show! It’s wonderful, it’s spectacular, and some even call it magical. Close to 8,000 families helped it become the largest crowdfunded kids TV series in history, raising $1M dollars in under a week, and the annual crowdfunding limit of $5M for Season One in just 20 days.

But that’s only the beginning, because the story will unfold over 7 Seasons to its satisfying and epic conclusion! Season One premiered on December 2nd, 2022 on the Angel app. The Season has been met with popular critical and audience response with over 400 Ten-Star Ratings on IMDB (9/10 Stars) and 100% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now Funding Season Two

In August 2022 we came back to the crowd to start pre-production of Season Two and successfully raised $1,714,935. Thousands of fans have purchased merch and Paid-it-Forward through Angel Studios which has further helped to fund Season Two. Additionally, we have privately funded a portion of the Season Two budget and we are now coming back to the crowd to complete the Season Two funding!

In total we have raised $3,214,935 for Season Two. We are seeking an additional $3,281,065 to fund the rest of the Season Two for release in Winter 2023-2024.

*$3,214,935 raised so far from August 2022 Reg CF ($1,714,935) and Reg D ($1,500,000).

The Story

The Wingfeather Saga chronicles the adventures and transformations of the Igiby family as they discover secrets of their family history, flee the evil Fangs of Dang, seek their place in the world, and make a stand against the mysterious ruler, Gnag the Nameless.

They will need their special gifts and all the love of their noble mother and ex-pirate grandfather to survive the venomous Fangs, sea dragons, flabbits, and (gulp) toothy cows!

  • During the 2020 re-launch with Penguin Random House, The Wingfeather Saga book sales grew by 600%

  • Over 1 Million books sold, as of December 2022

  • #1 Bestseller in Children’s Siblings Books

  • On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness - #20 Publisher’s Weekly Bestseller List for Kids Fiction

  • Christie Award for Best Young Adult Fiction

  • Over 10,000 5-star reviews

Meet the cast!

Our group of actors are almost as magical as their Wingfeather counterparts.

This includes an amazing group of real kids, plus talented actors like Jodi Benson (Disney’s The Little Mermaid), Kevin McNally (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Henry Ian Cusick (Lost).

Who is creating the animated series?

Shining Isle Productions, based in Nashville, TN was founded by Andrew Peterson and J. Chris Wall in 2016. Their desire is to create stories that awaken a sense of deep longing and to do that with the highest craftsmanship we can achieve.

The company developed the property and ultimately launched Toothy Cow Productions, LLC (a wholly-owned subsidiary) in 2021 as the funding vehicle and production company to produce the animated series.

What will Season Two be like?

The Wingfeather Saga team has developed an innovative blend between CGI and hand-drawn artistry to bring the unique character of the series to life. 

We wanted to echo the story experience in a visual way, which meant finding new ways to make traditional CGI feel more organic. The result invites the audience to engage their imagination in a more abstract visual space that extends beyond the edges of the frame.

Music plays an important role in the story, and we’ve assembled an amazing team of Nashville artists. Kurt Heinecke (VeggieTales), Arcadian Wild, and producer Ben Shive have set out to create a soundtrack that sets the story in a completely original space.

The story in Season One will set the stage for our young heroes, revealing family secrets and identities, with Season Two challenging the characters with epic and difficult choices.

Where will the series be available?

The series will premiere first on Angel Studios, the studio behind the smash hit TV show The Chosen. It will then expand to other platforms as the series grows.

The Challenge

We’re grateful for the amazing team creating The Wingfeather Saga animated series. Now the challenge is to keep them working to deliver a quality product without enormous lag times between seasons. With so much new content available to kids and families every week, we don’t want to lose your family’s attention!

There are thousands of Wingfeather Saga fans out there, and millions more future Wingfeather fans waiting to discover the story’s amazing characters, rich world, and deep truths. Something the whole family can watch and talk about together.

The Leadership Team

The leadership team includes decades of animation experience. Art Director Garrett Taylor invests deeply into the visual development of the series, leading a team of talented designers, illustrators and painters that apply their skills directly to the screen. Keith Lango is the visionary CG and Animation Supervisor bringing to life a distinct hand-crafted CG hybrid animation style for the ground-breaking series. Our in-house (literally) animation studio has developed a complete production pipeline with proprietary tools allowing The Wingfeather Saga to be created with cutting edge game-engine technology from Unreal Engine, while still delivering a rich and authentic “paint-motion” experience. This technology gives our team of artists and technicians world-class animation tools to bring to life the whimsical and epic world of The Wingfeather Saga.

J. Chris Wall

Executive Producer and Showrunner

Chris is a respected creator of family and faith-infused entertainment. His work has been enjoyed by millions of families after spending over 10 years working with Big Idea and Dreamworks Animation to produce the venerated animated series, VeggieTales. He led a multi-national team for 3-2-1 Penguins, airing on NBC/Qubo.

His career in animation has spanned over 20 years, beginning with Max Lucado’s You Are Special direct-to-video special, where he served as editor and voiced the lead character. He also created the acclaimed The Slugs & Bugs Show with Brentwood Studios and RightNow Media. Chris is passionate about creating content that will serve families with stories of truth and beauty.

He lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and six children and is very active in Scouts BSA as a scoutmaster helping train youth to be prepared for life.

Andrew Peterson

Executive Producer and Author

Andrew is a recording artist, songwriter, producer, filmmaker, and award-winning author of The Wingfeather Saga. He believes in the power of story in the human experience, a view that inspires his music and his writing. His music has garnered three separate Dove Award nominations. In 2008, driven by a desire to cultivate a strong Christian arts community, Andrew founded a non-profit arts organization called The Rabbit Room. The Rabbit Room hosts concerts and conferences and has published over 30 books to date.

Between the books, albums, and tours, Andrew has spoken regularly at conferences, universities, and seminaries around the country and in the U.K. on art, faith, and writing. He was writer-in-residence at Covenant College in 2015, and at John Brown University in 2014. He received the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) Delta Epsilon Chi Honor Society award, presented to an alumnus who has distinguished himself/herself by intellectual achievement, Christian character, and leadership ability. Most recently he was a keynote speaker in Cambridge, England for the C. S. Lewis Foundation’s Oxbridge Summer Conference.

He’s been married for 24 years to his wife Jamie, with whom they have three children. His eldest is an animation graduate from Lipscomb University, his second son is a drummer and studio engineer, and his daughter is a singer-songwriter and has released her first album. In his spare time Andrew keeps bees, builds dry stack stone walls, gardens, draws, and sleeps.

Keith Lango

Executive Producer, Animation Director, and CG Supervisor

Keith is both a student and instructor in the art of animation and its technology. His passion for developing engaging experiences in animation has given him a wide and varying experience in the field and was fundamental to the creation of The Wingfeather Saga's distinct animation style. He has worked on 3-2-1 Penguins, VeggieTales, and at Valve Corporation on video games like Portal 2. He brings a strength of animation technology experience as well as a deep knowledge of pipeline challenges that can stunt a production and stifle artist creativity and how to avoid them.

Garrett Taylor

Art Director

Garrett is both an artist and an observer of the natural world. Coming from over 10 years at Pixar Animation Studio, his passion for building worlds has given him a deep understanding of creating beautiful and intriguing art. His career started as an intern for Pixar. Working his way to art director, he designed on many acclaimed films. His most recent works are on display in the movies Luca and Lightyear. Outside of painting and design, Garrett devotes his time to his family and his carpentry skills. Bringing strength and expertise to the team, Garrett is a perfect addition to The Wingfeather Saga team. The beauty and awe that the books demand are well served by Garrett's strong eye and artistry.

Brock Starnes

Executive Producer and COO

Brock began his career by leading VeggieTales live events and tours. Brock has advised and produced content for leading children’s educational brands, has launched businesses, and holds a master's degree from Victoria University in Wellington New Zealand where he researched the roles of strategic relationships amongst technology startups. For the past 10+ years, he has served as Partner at Brentwood Studios where he has advised clients in the areas of strategy, partnerships, and product development and serves as Co-creator and Executive Producer of new media properties including Michael W Smith's children's brand Nurturing Steps and The Slugs & Bugs Show. In 2022 he joined Shining Isle Productions as COO and EP.

Deeply Rooted Values

The Wingfeather Saga is a deeply redemptive fantasy rooted in values that kids need but can’t find easily in today’s entertainment. 

Research shows that “the influence of the media on the psychosocial development of children is profound.”

It’s important to take an active role in selecting content that will help incredible kids become incredible adults. This series delivers on that promise by weaving those themes into the story world itself.

  • Magic is experienced, not conjured.

  • Family is a foundation, not a confrontation.

  • Identity matters.

  • Love is sacrifice.

  • Good conquers evil.

"I love all the adventure and the wild inventiveness and, most of all, the heart in Andrew’s books. He is a poet and a master storyteller. I want to read anything he writes."


"The Wingfeather Saga is witty, imaginative, and full of heart. Highly recommended for middle-grade readers who’ve run out of Narnia novels and are searching for their next great series."


"An experience your family will never forget. I can’t recommend these books highly enough!"


"A wildly imaginative, wonderfully irreverent epic that shines with wit and wisdom—and features excellent instructions on how to cope with thwaps, Fangs, and the occasional toothy cow."


The Angel Funding Model

When you invest in The Wingfeather Saga, you’re investing in the entire company and animated series, not just Season Two.

Unlike other crowdfunding campaigns, when you back our project on Angel Funding, you’re not donating money, you’re investing in the show’s success. That means if the show succeeds in earning enough revenue, you will earn a share of the profits. And the profits on successful content can be huge.* The top 10 highest-grossing franchises of all time have been made for kids.

There’s a need for great family-friendly media, especially a TV series like The Wingfeather Saga that features a family standing together against great evil.

*Although it is true that profits on successful content can be huge, we are not making a guarantee of any return. Please only invest what you can afford to lose.

**Investing in Reg CF is only available to U.S. residents.

An enormous portion of the revenue earned by these top franchises comes from merchandising. The memorable characters in The Wingfeather Saga and its ever-vicious monsters, like Toothy Cows and Horned Hounds, provide exciting merchandising opportunities that we plan to leverage to extend the audience experience.

And by partnering with Angel Studios, where communities of fans are championing the content they want to see succeed, The Wingfeather Saga is positioned to connect with families around the world!

Plus, if you invest, you’ll be helping create something that you believe in, something your whole family can enjoy episode after episode towards the satisfying conclusion.

How it Works

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Invest the The Wingfeather Saga by purchasing Preferred Units at $1.50 per unit.

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We will use funds raised to continue production on the seven episodes planned for season two.

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If we earn enough from distribution revenue, you would earn 120% of your investment before the founders take a distribution and then you share in profits with us.



$101 or more

Investor only updates and livestreams

Invest $100.50 or more to get investor-only updates and livestreams

$349 or more

Name in Season 2 Credits

Invest $351 or more to get your name in the credits of all Season 2 episodes (and all previous perks)

$999 or more

Early access to episodes

Invest $1,000.50 or more to get early access to episodes (and all previous perks)

$4,999 or more

Limited-Edition Season 2 poster

Invest $5,001 or more to get a limited-edition Season 2 poster (and all pervious perks)

$9,999 or more

Invitation to Season 2 premiere

Invest $10,000.50 or more to be our VIP Guests at the Nashville Red Carpet Premiere with Andrew, Chris, and the Production Team (travel and lodging not included - and all previous perks)

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