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Tuttle Twins

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Invest in Tuttle Twins now by purchasing Class A Preferred Units at $.88 per unit.

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Beginning...We will use funds raised to produce 2-6 episodes depending on the amount of funds raised.

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If we earn enough from distribution revenue, you would earn 120% of your investment before the founders take a distribution and then you share in profits with us.



How do you describe economics to a 7-year-old?
Should your preteen care about the government?

For too long, parents have been at the mercy of professional curriculum developers to instruct their children. History is watered down, key principles omitted altogether, and time and attention are given to things of lesser importance.

Not anymore.

Tuttle Twins is the first cartoon series to teach kids enduring principles of freedom, economics, and government that both they—and their adults—actually want to watch.

Kids. And economics. And freedom. All mashed together in one show. In a cartoon. And with a healthy dose of comedy, of course. :)

The Tuttle Twins show, based on the best-selling books, is the first of its kind cartoon series that aims to instruct while entertaining. The series is currently in development (with the pilot episode coming soon!), and we need your help to bring it to life.


Last year, thanks to thousands of investors like you (in addition to other outside investors), we broke crowdfunding records as the top crowdfunded kids show in US history!

We are currently producing the first 6 episodes of the show. At the time, we wanted to raise enough money to bring you the entire first season, but when we reached the regulation crowdfunding limit, we had to turn investors away.

But now, the crowdfunding limit has changed

We can now reopen investment and finish funding season one! We are just 6 MORE episodes away from funding the entire first season of Tuttle Twins and with your help, we can do it!


The Tuttle Twins, Ethan and Emily, are the two main characters in a series of over a dozen children’s books written by Connor Boyack. The twins take the reader through their exploration of economics, law, money, the golden rule, entrepreneurship, and more.


We have a hunch that humans enjoy freedom, but that they don’t always know what that looks like. We believe we can help them cut through the noise of politics to find a clearer picture—then they can use that perspective to form their own opinions and make better decisions.

It’s a big dream, but life isn’t much fun without big dreams, right?!

When it comes to teaching their children about the enduring principles of freedom, many parents don't know where to start. The Tuttle Twins books have sold OVER ONE MILLION COPIES and they do a fantastic job of introducing important topics and creating meaningful family discussions about them.

With screens becoming a more and more important part of our lives, we risk losing the opportunity to teach about these principles as time is spent on other (often meaningless) content.

We believe there is no better way to teach these important principles than by making them come to life on screen. The video format will enable us to simplify principles and introduce a level of humor that will inform and entertain people of all ages and abilities.


The Tuttle Twins series will be based on The Tuttle Twins books but will tell new stories. Our vision for the series is to mix the humor of shows like The Simpsons, Phineas and Ferb, and Gravity Falls with the education and family friendliness of The Magic School Bus.

The story will revolve around the Tuttle Twins, their Grandma, and her time-traveling wheelchair.

The vision is to make it entertaining for kids, and enjoyable for adults.


Making a cartoon like this requires money. A quality television series like this can cost millions of dollars—the kind of money only Hollywood studios have traditionally. But Hollywood would never make a show like this! It doesn’t fit their world-view.

We know there are millions of families and individuals that believe in sound economic principles, freedom for all, and the protection of individual rights. And we’re going to create content that will not only teach these principles in an easy-to understand way, but in a way that will be engaging and entertaining—and that will equip the viewer to explain these principles to others.


Unlike other crowd-funding opportunities where you get a T-shirt, you're not donating to this project. You're INVESTING. That means if this show succeeds in earning enough revenue, you will earn a share of the profits.

And the profits on successful content can be huge. ^

Plus, when you invest you'll be helping create something that you believe in, something your whole family can binge-watch without any guilt whatsoever.

^There is no guarantee of any return. Please only invest what you can afford to lose.


Of the top 5 highest-grossing media franchises of all time, 4 of them are animated franchises for kids. And the vast majority of those tens of BILLIONS in revenue has come from merchandise!

We specifically designed our characters to be merchandisable and we’re already working with manufacturers to produce plushies, t-shirts and other capitalist goodies. The test audience of kids are loving them!



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