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Truth & Conviction

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Discover the Powerful Legacy of the Hübener Group, Three Teenagers Who Stood Up to Hitler


Truth & Conviction is a 4-part limited series which will capture one of the most powerful stories to come out of WWII. Driven by the Nazi arrest of his Jewish friend, a 16-year-old boy named Helmuth Hübener is compelled to take a stand. Joined by his two best mates, Karl and Rudi, Helmuth leads a brave resistance that propels them all the way to the highest court in Nazi Germany.


Some of the most successful and well-known films are set in the WWII era. We believe Truth & Conviction will appeal to a worldwide audience as did Schindler's ListDunkirkSaving Private Ryan, and many others. 

Truth & Conviction will be the first dramatic limited series about teenage resistance fighters in Nazi Germany.


Helmuth's efforts are a striking example of peaceful resistance in a time of violence and oppression - a teenager who was willing sacrifice his life for The Truth, setting a powerful example to all of us, both young and old, and bringing us to ask ourselves: "What would I have done? And what can I do now?"

Invest in the Rising Generation

We feel that Truth & Conviction is uniquely positioned to appeal not only to Baby Boomers and Gen X, but to their children and grandchildren. 

Today's youth are bombarded by social media influencers, but what they truly need are relatable role models. The Truth & Conviction limited series stands to inspire the rising generation by showcasing youth their age who stood up to one of history's most notorious tyrants. 

Thankfully, our teens today don’t have to take on Hitler, but they do face very real challenges where they need the courage to take a stand – perhaps to protect someone being bullied at school, or to speak up when others ridicule their faith and beliefs. Whatever their challenges, we know that with strong examples, these kids have unbounded potential to stand up for what’s right.

The True Story of Helmuth Hübener

Based on the firsthand account of Karl-Heinz Schnibbe – the last surviving member of the Hübener Group and one of Helmuth’s best friends – Truth & Conviction explores the complex bond between a brilliant young resistance fighter and the Gestapo agent intent on hunting him down. Each is convinced of the rightness of his cause, and each is forced to deal with the consequences of his beliefs.

Helmuth Hübener is a bright 16-year-old from Hamburg whose days are consumed in his adventures with his three best friends — Karl, Rudi, and Salomon. They are inseparable and intent on enjoying life, even in Nazi Germany. 

Then Salomon is taken and thrust into a Jewish concentration camp. And as Helmuth stands in the ransacked chaos of his friend’s empty apartment, he decides he must do something. He turns to the only weapon he knows: the written word. Overnight, hand-typed flyers on deep red parchment appear on the streets of Hamburg. “Hitler is a murderer. He is the guilty one.”  

It is the beginning. For the Gestapo, it is high treason.

To Officer Müssener, the typewriter is more dangerous than the pistol. He becomes obsessed with hunting down the culprits. But as he intensifies his pursuit, even more flyers appear. Helmuth has recruited his friends, Karl and Rudi. Nearly every night, the three teens post flyers throughout Hamburg. For Helmuth, each flyer is a strike against Hitler.

For Müssener, each flyer is evidence. But as he pursues the treasonous criminal among the ranks of college professors and seasoned intellectuals, he is forced to deal with the words hammered onto each flyer — words he comes to realize as the truth.

Nearly a year later, he finally apprehends the perpetrators and is stunned to discover that it was all carried out by three teenage boys. The prisoners are dragged before Hitler’s highest court, the Blood Tribunal. Face to face with these Hitler-appointed judges, Helmuth makes his final stand and in doing so, seals his own fate.

The three young men are convicted of high treason. Karl and Rudi are sentenced to years in a Nazi prison camp. Helmuth would become the youngest resistance fighter in Nazi Germany to be sentenced to death for his convictions.

He was seventeen.

What Will the Show Be Like?

In the vein of films like The Pianist and Hacksaw Ridge, this limited series will explore the human struggle for freedom and will confirm the impact of one courageous voice. At the same time, it will capture the adventure and camaraderie of teenagers inspired to stand up for what is right, come what may. Think Schindler’s List meets Dead Poets Society.

In 2001, Karl-Heinz Schnibbe shared with us his story of taking a stand against Hitler and it changed our lives. It brought us to tears, but it also made us smile. Most of all it inspired us to want to be better, to be more courageous, to be more honest.

Helmuth, Karl, and Rudi were raised singing the old Christian hymn, “Do What Is Right, Let the Consequence Follow”. And that is exactly what they did, even though the consequence in their case meant prison camps and death. This maxim to do what is right and let the consequence follow is the central theme of Truth & Conviction. This story reminds us that truth is paramount, that liberty is fragile, and that taking a stand for what is right is as important today as it has ever been. 

Our goal is to create a limited series that will bring these same emotions and feelings to a worldwide audience. People everywhere feel a strong connection to stories of men and women overcoming the very human instinct of survival in order to stand up for what is right. 

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