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The Shift

$618,000 of $618,000 max*
422 People*

What is The Shift?

1. The Shift is a feature length sci-fi film releasing in theaters December 1st. It follows the journey of a man who is banished by a mysterious stranger with otherworldly powers to a tyrannical, parallel earth where he must fight to get back the woman he loves.

2. The film has already been made. This investment opportunity is for raising funds for the theatrical distribution costs (P&A).

3. The Shift stars Kristoffer Polaha (Wonder Woman 1984), Neal McDonough (Yellowstone), Elizabeth Tabish (The Chosen), John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise), Rose Reid (Finding You), Paras Patel (The Chosen), and Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings).

What is P&A?

P&A stands for “Prints and Advertising.” It’s an old theatrical industry term from back when movies were printed onto physical film. The term is still widely used today to describe the cost of taking a finished film like The Shift and marketing it to moviegoers.

P&A is a crucial piece of the marketing budget for a film and may be appealing to certain investors. Why? Because with P&A, money is only raised after the film is already made and you know the quality of the work. Also, any potential return to P&A investors is paid directly out of theatrical proceeds–meaning P&A investors get paid right after the theater gets paid. So, it’s the last money in, and the first money out.

The Shift’s P&A will follow the standard film industry payout model. What’s more, this P&A investment holds the potential for returns far faster than the significantly longer timeframe required when investing in a film before the filming process even begins.

To provide the opportunity to invest to as many people as possible, the investment cap is either $20,000 or your legal limit under the law.

How much could investors make?

No return is guaranteed, so only invest what you can afford to lose. The maximum potential return is 100% repayment of initial capital invested plus an additional 20%. This means that if you invest $100 you could potentially receive that entire $100 back plus an additional $20.

*No return is guaranteed, so only invest what you can afford to lose.

About The Shift

Embark on a journey with The Shift, a contemporary sci-fi tale of struggle and hope about a modern day Job.

In The Shift, Kevin (Kristoffer Polaha) encounters a mysterious and enigmatic figure known only as "The Benefactor” (Neal McDonough). What unfolds is a thought-provoking story that throws a light on the darkness we all inevitably encounter in this life, revealing the underlying lies and manipulations with a piercing insight.

Kevin, faced with relatable, tangible temptations, provides a window through which we explore how seemingly small choices can ripple into transformative waves. These choices get a sci-fi, allegorical twist with the idea of “shifting”—or the ability to move between realities. As we weave through The Shift, the question surfaces: What will Kevin do with the infinite possibilities and opportunities put in front of him? And, more importantly, what would we do?

What is the film like?

Our favorite sci-fi films like Inception, Interstellar, and Gattaca captivate us with their compelling tales, impactful themes, and stunning visuals. Similarly, The Shift dives deep into the realms of temptation, hope, and perseverance, unfolding in the rich landscapes that only science fiction can offer. The hope for the audience is an experience that goes beyond the movie; for something that lingers and prompts them to explore the "what ifs" and reflect on their own journeys in a new way.

In this cinematic adventure, Kevin’s path is marked by tremendous trials, a relentless fight for love, and a confrontation with a sinister alternate self.

With your invaluable support, we aim to bring The Shift into as many theaters as possible, reaching audiences far and wide. More than just a visual experience, this film hopes to serves as a gentle guide, illuminating hearts and sparking conversation about what leads us towards the light. Together, let’s ensure that as many eyes as possible witness this unique cinematic journey.

Angel Studios Model

The Shift, LLC plans to bring this movie to life in a way that traditional Hollywood has never done before, utilizing the innovative model of Angel Studios. Angel Studios is a film studio platform that helps filmmakers come together with viewers to create high-quality TV and film without the Hollywood guesswork. How do they do that? Producers like us use the Angel Studios’ platform to pitch TV content to you, and then you—the audience—chooses which projects qualify to be potentially distributed by Angel Studios.

At Angel Studios, the approach to entertainment isn't just about crafting captivating stories; it's about something more profound—amplifying light. They define entertainment that amplifies light as entertainment that is true, honest, noble, just, authentic, lovely, admirable, and excellent. Through Angel Studios’ platform, thousands of fans choose which titles will be created, funded, and distributed. Angel Studios allows creators and audiences to form passionate communities around their creative projects, making the story behind the story as important as the final project itself.

*Investing in these early-stage companies involves a high degree of risk, including the possibility of the total loss of your investment. There is no guarantee of any return. You should consult with your advisors prior to making an investment decision.*


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