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The Shift

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*People includes all persons who have submitted subscription materials for the current and prior CF rounds. Amount raised is an estimate that includes subscriptions for the current and prior CF rounds, however not all such amounts have been accepted or closed, and some subscriptions may not be accepted.

How It Works

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Invest in The Shift now by purchasing Class A Preferred Units at $3.00 per unit.

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We will use the funds received to create the film The Shift.

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If we earn enough from the distribution of the film, you would earn up to 120% of your initial investment before the founders take a distribution. After that, profit would be distributed based on ownership percentage.†


"From the beautiful production value to the importance of this story, I was blown away."


About The Shift

I'm Brock Heasley, the Writer and Director of The Shift, a short film about Kevin Garner, a frustrated man who encounters a mysterious stranger offering untold wealth and power—a stranger who turns out to be the devil himself. If there's one question everyone who watches The Shift asks, it's this: after Kevin makes his choice at the end, what happens next? And now, with your help, we have the chance to answer that question by turning The Shift into a feature length film to encourage people in their struggle to reject the dark and seek the light. I can't do it without you.

A Second Opportunity

Our previous offering was so successful over the short term, especially in the home stretch, that we've decided to open up a second opportunity for everyone who missed out the first time. Then, we were largely limited by how much we were allowed to raise, but the rules have changed and, as we have brought on board more and more industry professionals (see “The Team” below!), our understanding of the quality and potential of THE SHIFT has evolved.

We believe we can attract some truly great name actors that will give THE SHIFT a chance at the best possible return in the marketplace as a crossover hit with appeal to both faith and general audiences. With actors of that caliber come unions, and with unions come costs. The film is now budgeted at $6.4 million. It’s a modest sum by Hollywood standards, but with interest already strong from private equity investors, we believe it’s the smartest way forward.

That’s where you come in. If we can raise a significant portion of the budget through crowdfunding, that will put us in prime position to make up the difference with private investment. We can now raise up to $5 million through equity crowdfunding, but even if we are only able to raise our set minimum of $500,000, that will still give us the big boost we are looking.

More importantly, we want to partner with YOU because we know that you understand the soul of what this film is trying to be, and private investors aren’t necessarily going to get that. The best part about equity crowdfunding (this isn’t a Kickstarter—we’re inviting you to own a piece of the film) is how it allows us to work outside the system to make the type of movie that people want to exist because they know Hollywood is not going to make it. The more people we have in our corner, the more powerful the impact. Because this isn’t just a movie. It’s an opportunity to show the power of God in dark times. By working together with you, we believe this film can serve as a light to all who see it.

What is The Shift Feature Film About?

THE SHIFT is unabashedly a science fiction film. It is also unabashedly a faith-based film. It is a modern day, sci-fi re-telling of the story of Job.

What's striking about Job's story is that he was a person who already had faith and was then seemingly abandoned by God and severely tested. Job's test was to endure. It was to make the choice, every day, to still believe despite all hardship and evidence to the contrary. That’s a challenge every person of faith knows well.

This will be a film about choice. In this case, the choices made by Kevin Garner, a man who is approached by Satan himself and offered fame and wealth in exchange for doing the devil’s bidding. All of us, every day, either give into temptation or choose what is right instead. The world is set against us and circumstances fluctuate, but the same choice is always before us: faith in the long haul, or self-interest in the short term.

In the end, Job proved worthy of God's faith in him. The question is: can Kevin do the same?

"Today was one of those days. I was in despair. Felt the temptation; wanted to throw in the towel. And this film was a confirmation that I wasn't alone and (a reminder) to go to God. He has answers for me."


"It was GRIPPING. It actually made me dig down and realize the fact that's me and my struggle in this crazy world we live in here."

Jeff C.

"Wow, this is off the hook awesome!! Praise God! I love it!"

Glenda J.

Brock Heasley

Writer and director Brock Heasley is an award-winning filmmaker with a passion for telling stories of hope on the screen and on the page. His work in film has seen him write and direct two short films (The Shift, The Two Hundred Fifth), and serve as an Associate Producer on a feature film produced by Blumhouse Productions and Tremendum Pictures. He has written the YA novel, Paper Bag Mask, and also the memoir The Other Side of Fear: A True Story of Murder, Forgiveness, and the Peace Only Faith Can Bring. He is the creator of the comic The SuperFogeys, which was recently collected as a graphic novel. Heasley lives in California with his three daughters and a wife who is way smarter than him. He’s thrilled to be working with VidAngel Studios on a project that so personally speaks to his faith and values.

Orlando Gomez

Orlando J. Gomez

Orlando J. Gomez is a director, producer, editor, and the owner/president of Stellar Lense Productions, Inc. With over thirteen years experience in film and business ownership, Gomez leverages a creative eye and sharp business sense to help produce entertaining and marketable content. He has worked on countless commercial and promotional videos, as well as a number of short films, documentaries, music videos, and feature films. His film school thesis was acquired by acclaimed director Robert Rodriguez for his new cable TV channel. Gomez has worked with or created content for people and companies like Facebook, Samsung, Dove, Uber, GE, DebMed, Jimmy Kimmel, Trent Dilfer, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Jon Favreau, and is serving as a producer on The Shift feature film. He’s been happily married to his wife of twelve years, and together they have three children.

Dallas Jenkins

Executive Producer Dallas Jenkins has worked in Hollywood for nearly two decades, creating films for Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Hallmark Channel, PureFlix, and Universal. The son of celebrated Christian author Jerry B. Jenkins (The Left Behind series, The Jesus Chronicles series), his passion for sharing unique, inspiring, and unexpected stories of faith has delighted audiences around the world. After creating feature films such as Midnight Clear and What If…, the Hallmark movie Though None Go With Me, and the recent theatrical release The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, Jenkins is now working on what he considers his “life’s work,” a TV show about the life of Jesus called The Chosen. The first season is already completed and available now!

Dan Haseltine

Co-composer Dan Haseltine is a 4x GRAMMY winner, BMI songwriter of the Year, and Dove Award winning songwriter/artist, and front man for Jars of Clay and synth-Pop trio, The Hawk In Paris. Dan has penned 14 #1 radio singles, and composed the score for feature films, documentaries, and commercials. He is the co-composer of the world- renowned TV series, The Chosen. Dan is the founder of Blood:Water, an organization that supports clean water and HIV/AIDS work in Africa, and co-founder of local anti- racism organization THE PUBLIC.

Matthew S. Nelson

Co-composer Matthew S. Nelson is a cellist and a guitarist who has worked professionally in a wide variety of musical roles since 1999. He is best known for his touring work as bandleader for country artist RaeLynn, his touring and session work with award-winning band Jars of Clay, and his score (co-composed with Dan Haseltine) for the hit original series The Chosen. In addition to album credits as diverse as JD Souther, Anderson East, Michael W. Smith, and Hooray for the Riff Raff, Nelson has performed live with Amy Grant, Sleeping at Last, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Cheap Trick, among a long list of others. He has appeared on NBC’s Today, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Grand Ole Opry, NPR’s Mountain Stage, and the TV drama series Nashville. Matthew S. Nelson lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kyle Gentz

Kyle Gentz is a director of photography, director, colorist, editor, and producer with extensive experience in film and television. As Director of Photography, he has helmed more than 500 commercial video projects, including national ads with millions of views. Gentz has had his work shown at the Cannes Film Festival, SXSW, Netflix, and through worldwide theatrical distribution (The Gallows). His most recent feature film was produced by Blumhouse Productions and Tremendum Pictures, and then sold to Lionsgate. He served as Director of Photography for The Shift short film, and will return for the feature. He is a family man, an amateur carpenter, and an avid ATV enthusiast.

Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones is a sound designer and sound supervisor with an ear for detail and talent for innovation that has put him in key positions on some of Hollywood’s biggest movies. He worked closely with director John Krasinski as the sound designer for A Quiet Place, and with director Stephen DeKnight as the lead sound designer for Pacific Rim: Uprising. Other credits include The Shallows, Christopher Robin, Godzilla 2: King of Monsters, and Michael Bay's 13 Hours and Transformers: The Last Knight. At USC, Jones earned his Masters in guitar performance, only moving into the film industry years later by doing sound design and mixing for small independent projects, eventually working his way up to feature films. He served as the lead sound designer for The Shift, and is returning for the feature film. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Emily, and their two boys.

Joel Erickson

One of the industry's very best Dialogue/ADR Supervisors, Joel Erickson has worked on some of the biggest Hollywood films of the past decade including World War Z, Argo, Transformers: The Last Knight, the upcoming Jungle Cruise, and more. Joel often works alongside fellow Sound Supervisor Brandon Jones. He will be acting as Co-Sound Supervisor with Brandon on THE SHIFT.

Franco Sama

Independent feature film producer Franco Sama boasts a remarkable and extensive history in public speaking, public relations, and a decade of independent film development, production, and financing. Franco has produced an impressive array for over twenty films, most notably Guns, Girls, and Gambling starring Academy Award Winner Gary Oldman. Most recently, Sama became the newest member of the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization "New Filmmakers, L.A." Franco is excited to serve as an Executive Producer on The Shift.

Gary M. Zuckerbrod

A longtime Casting Director operating out of Hollywood, Gary M. Zuckerbrod has been the key figure in assembling top notch casts for over 70 film and television productions, including Pulp Fiction. Gary’s other credits include the films Frequency and The Kissing Booth, and the TV series The Last Ship and Without a Trace. Gary joins THE SHIFT as a Consulting Casting Director to assist in capturing well known and upcoming talent.

Josh Doke

"Man is introduced to the devil, devil leads man astray. BUT not so fast! Writer/director Brock Heasley has crafted a truly unique story in 'The Shift'—a taut psychological thriller that refuses to fall in line with other tales of a similar make and model. The only notion more exciting than watching it again would be to see it reimagined as a full-length feature film. Sign me up!"


How will we get The Shift to market?

Over the last several years, faith-based films have been firmly established as a large and thriving niche market, often braking into the box office top ten on their week of release. To cite a recent example, I Can Only Imagine (starring Dennis Quaid) opened with over $17 million receipts in its first week of release, eventually reaching a total of over $83 million. Faith-based films are in a growth period, but they can only keep growing if they continue to offer audiences something new.

Our plan is to seek a theatrical release for THE SHIFT feature film by reaching out to known, successful faith-based film distributors like PureFlix and Mission Pictures International, along with major distributors that are friendly to faith-based films, like Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions. We have already brought on board a skilled team of industry professionals with extensive experience in bringing films to market and the right contacts. We have also conducted a sales projection analysis and have every reason to believe that, even under COVID-19 conditions, the market will treat THE SHIFT well. While there is no guarantee of success, we believe there are many different avenues for exhibition that are open to us.

As both a sci-fi film and a faith-based film, THE SHIFT has a crossover appeal that can help it reach new people and new markets. We are also planning for distribution through VidAngel and other streaming platforms after the potential theatrical release.

"This doesn't seem like your typical, cheesy (Christian movie)...I can invite my dad and he's still going to be interested in it and he's not turned off because it doesn't seem like a Hallmark movie."


"I'm not really a big sci-fi guy...but this is very compelling. It got me and it went deep. Very powerful."


"The Shift means to us that in a modern-day world every problem still exists that they had in biblical times; temptation is always around. The Shift will help inspire Christians and non-Christians alike to choose what is right in their hearts to be right in their lives. It’s a beautiful film."


What it means to invest in The Shift

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As a purchaser of a preferred unit of stock in the film, if the film succeeds in the marketplace, you will receive up to 120% of your investment before the creators receive any of the profits. After you receive your 120%, any further profits will be distributed according to your ownership percentage. This isn’t a guarantee that you will receive a return, but only a deal that the founders won’t take a return until you have received 120% of your investment.

If for some reason we are not able to achieve our minimum funding goal for this round of crowdfunding, every dollar you have invested will be returned to you.

THE SHIFT is a chance to put something good into the world and to share a thought-provoking and challenging story of faith and struggle that can inspire and be appreciated by anyone. We hope you’ll join us in bringing this hopeful, important story to life.

"We don't get a lot of people who like to talk about Satan, but the reality is: he's there. And he's going to tempt you and he is tempting you every single day of your life. And to have that portrayed in a film makes me feel like I'm not alone."




$100 or more

Added to the Backer List

Your name added to the backer list for The Shift website and you have our sincere thanks!

$500 or more

Your Name in the Credits

Your name listed in the credits of the film as an investor (plus all previous perks).

$1,000 or more

Director's Cut of the Trailer

Exclusive digital access to the Director's Cut of the film's trailer prior to film's release (plus all previous perks).

$3,000 or more

Behind-the-Scenes Photo Album

Exclusive digital access to a behind-the-scenes photo album at the conclusion of filming (plus all previous perks).

$5,000 or more

Option to be an Extra in The Shift

You can be on screen in the background of the movie as an extra in the film! We'll update you with filming times, locations, and availability as soon as details are finalized. Remember, you have the full responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the film location. (Plus all previous perks).

$10,000 or more

Signed Copy of the Shooting Script

After the release of the film, you will receive a copy of the shooting script for The Shift signed by Writer/Director Brock Heasley (plus all previous perks).

$25,000 or more

Exclusive 1-Day Full Access to the Live Set of The Shift

Spend a day seeing movie magic happen on a real set as The Shift is filmed right in front of you. We'll give times and locations for the possible dates when the details become available. Remember, you have the full responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the film location. (Plus all previous perks).

$50,000 or more

Lunch on Set with Writer/Director Brock Heasley

Come to the set and sit down with the Writer/Director himself, Brock Heasley, for a good meal and better conversation. We'll give times and locations for the possible dates when the details are available. Remember, you have the full responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the film location. (Plus all previous perks).

$60,000 or more

Access to the Script before Release

Gain exclusive digital access and read the highly protected script for The Shift before release (must sign NDA). (Plus all previous perks).

$75,000 or more

Become an Associate Producer

Receive Associate Producer credit in the credits of the film, and also an Associate Producer credit on IMDb (plus all previous perks).

$100,000 or more

Become an Executive Producer

Receive Executive Producer credit in the credits of the film, and also an Executive Producer credit on IMDb (plus all previous perks).


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