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The Chosen

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*People includes all persons who have submitted subscription materials. Amount raised is an estimate that includes subscriptions, however not all such amounts have been accepted or closed, and some subscriptions may not be accepted.


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Invest in The Chosen now by purchasing Class A Preferred Units at $1.00 per unit.

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We will use funds raised to finalize the production of episodes 5-8.

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If we earn enough from distribution revenue, you would earn 120% of your investment before the founders take a distribution and then you share in profits with us.†


"I think you will love it! It is just beautifully done, and it captures the spirit..."

Kirk Cameron
American Actor

About The Chosen

Dallas Jenkins directs children on the set of the Chosen

I’m Dallas Jenkins, director of The Chosen. If you haven’t watched it yet, please take a look first and then come back and read this.

I've got some really cool news for you. My original idea in making The Chosen was simply to create a short film about the birth of Christ in a fresh way. As I shared it with friends, ministry leaders, and entertainment professionals, I kept getting the same response: "I want more."

As a result, we decided to make an entire TV show about the life of Christ through the eyes of those who encountered him called The Chosen. And when I say "we," I mean we literally, because you can be a part of this unprecedented project.

Simon contemplating

Dr. Alveda King

"The Chosen series offers us the promise of watching the life of Jesus from a whole new perspective. I was so profoundly moved by the pilot, I can’t wait for your family to experience and be changed by it."

Dr. Alveda King

Why a Streaming Series About Jesus?

I've been making movies for some of the biggest studios in Hollywood for 20 years. But something like you just saw (if you followed my instruction above to check out The Chosen) shouldn't be entrusted to Hollywood. It needs to be made by us.

Believe it or not, there's never been a TV show, complete with multiple episodes and seasons about the life of Jesus.

The most important message in the world deserves the most influential medium in the world, so we're telling the greatest story ever told in The Chosen.

The Robertsons, stars of Duck Dynasty

"Wow, we were amazed by the pilot episode of The Chosen. Our family would absolutely love to see a TV series about the life of Jesus created. We’d binge watch the whole season all at once... we’re praying for the success of this project."

The Robertsons
Matthew walking

The Challenge

Doing this requires money. A quality television series like this can cost millions of dollars, the kind of money only Hollywood studios have traditionally. But do we really want to put the greatest story ever told in their hands?

Think of recent Hollywood bible projects: Noah, or Exodus, anyone?

Remember Hollywood's golden rule? "He who has the gold makes the rules.

"Well, now we can make our own rules."

Other crowdfunding models - person donating gets a t-shirt
The model - people invest and own part of the show

Making Our Own Rules

Unlike other crowd-funding opportunities where you get a T-shirt, you're not donating to this project. You're INVESTING. That means if this show succeeds in earning enough revenue, you may earn a share of the profits.

And the profits on Bible-based films done RIGHT can be huge. The Passion of Christ* made $600 million. History Channel's The Bible* held the record for most-watched cable series at a time.**

Plus, when you invest you'll be helping create something that you believe in, something your whole family can binge-watch without any guilt whatsoever.

*These shows are not affiliated in any way to The Chosen or its creative talent, nor are they an indicator of future success of The Chosen

**Even if The Chosen earns profits, there is no guarantee it will be enough to pay a full return to you.


"At the close, as credits rolled, tears welled and then came heaving sobs (and this, just watching it on my iPhone). “This is so powerful," was all I could manage to say. It's such a jarringly good short – the lighting, sets, costuming, everything. But the best part is, the story. You wonder where it's leading through twists and turns, then suddenly… aha! Thank you for telling the old, old story in such an impossibly fresh way."

Joni Eareckson Tada
Jonio and Friends
Dallas Jenkins

Dallas Jenkins

Director Dallas Jenkins has worked in Hollywood for nearly two decades, creating films for Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, Hallmark Channel, PureFlix, and Universal. The son of celebrated Christian author Jerry B. Jenkins (The Left Behind series, The Jesus Chronicles series), his passion for sharing unique, inspiring, and unexpected stories of faith has delighted audiences around the world. After creating feature films such as Midnight Clear and What If…, the Hallmark movie Though None Go With Me, and the recent theatrical release The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, Jenkins is eager to launch what he considers his “life’s work,” a TV show about the life of Jesus. The first four episodes are already completed and available!

Derral Eves

Derral Eves

Derral Eves is one of the world’s top YouTube and online video marketing experts and the creator of VidSummit, the leading professional conference for social media creators. Eves is the engine behind some of the biggest and most impactful YouTube and social media stars—content distributed on his channels has been viewed a stunning 24 Billion times on YouTube and 9 Billion on Facebook. He has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, FORBES, AdWeek, Christians today, World Religion News, and several other media outlets. He was recently featured on an article in Forbes as #4 on the list of “20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business.” First and foremost, Eves is a loving husband, father of five children, and a lay minister in his church.

Matthew Faraci

Matthew Faraci

Matthew Faraci—host and executive producer of the faith-inspired series Frankly Faraci on Dove Channel—has promoted some of the most consequential faith projects in recent times, including God's Not DeadMiracles From HeavenRisenHeaven is for Real, and Unbroken. An experienced marketing and publicity strategist who has also been producing projects for two decades, Faraci got his start on the legendary NBC talk show The McLaughlin Group, and went on to win numerous awards for series and documentaries he created for PBS. He is executive producer of The Chosen and also an executive producer on the upcoming action-fantasy adventure Heavenquest: A Pilgrim’s Progress.


"I was moved to tears... and worship... as I watched."

Anne Graham Lotz
Speaker & Author of the Daniel Prayer

Biblical Accuracy

We’re going to do this right. The Bible itself is divisive enough, we don’t need to create unnecessary controversy by messing with the truth (or the Truth). To that end, we are enlisting the resources of some of the top Biblical scholars (believers, mind you) to ensure two things: one, that this show accurately captures Scripture and the events surrounding it; and two, that we enhance the impact of the story with facts and meaning that you might not be aware of. We’ll also provide materials that you can use and share to get a fuller understanding of the gospel.

Here’s an example from Rabbi Jason Sobel, one of the leading Messianic rabbis on the historicity of the Bible and the life of Jesus. Watch these two minutes on the significance of “swaddling clothes” in the birth of Christ as portrayed in the pilot episode of The Chosen.

Tim Winter

"In Hollywood, epic books become marquee motion pictures and memorable television series. So why hasn’t the most epic book in human history become a television series? With so much darkness coming from Hollywood’s creative community, this series absolutely must be made; and Dallas Jenkins has proven that he’s able to do it right."

Tim Winter
Parents Television Council

Worldwide Distribution

The Chosen will be available and translated into at least 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French). We will add others as we grow.


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