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  1. THE PLOT: Testament is a modern-day retelling of the Book of Acts. It follows a small group of believers, filled with the Holy Spirit, as they journey through danger and persecution to make the truth known: that He is risen.

  2. THE PURPOSE: This multi-season series will connect people to the stories in the Bible in a way that will excite audiences and teach time-tested truths through a modern-day lens. With this project, we hope to get people eager to dive deeper into the Bible and find the real-life tension within the text depicted in the series.

  3. THE MOVIE: Testament began its journey originally as a feature-length film. This movie, Testament: The Parables Retold, received a lot of interest from many distributors. Eventually, Testament partnered with Angel Studios for its distribution and for the opportunity to expand Testament into a multi-season series.

  4. GLOBAL APPEAL: Many popular films and TV shows are simply modernized classic stories such as BBC's "Sherlock" and Baz Luhrmann's "Romeo & Juliet". Testament fits into a similar category yet combines it with how the greatest story ever told turned the world upside down, embracing the epic nature of the Biblical text and translating it into a truly cinematic experience.

  5. THE EARLY CHURCH TODAY: We believe the Testament series will connect modern audiences with the power and impact the Early Church had on the world in their time, empowered by the Holy Spirit and the testament they carried.

What is Testament?

Testament is to be a multi-season show retelling the Book of Acts account but set in a world that looks very much like our own today. 

Starting in Acts 2 on the Day of Pentecost, Testament will follow the journeys of Peter, Stephen, Mary Magdalene, John, Gamaliel, Saul of Tarsus and many more.

The Early Church movement was accused of turning the world upside down, both politically and socially; giving voice to the ignored and hope to the oppressed. Many of these issues are being wrestled with today and we believe the Church still has a role to play; this series will remind viewers of the ground-shaking movement Christians are called to be a part of.

Bible stories are full of excitement, danger, and hope, but sometimes people can find the text hard to engage with or historical adaptations difficult to relate to. By setting Testament in the modern day, we hope to connect audiences to the Bible in a way that’s fresh and highly applicable.

And that’s exactly what it’s doing already! How do we know? Because Testament didn't begin its journey as a series…

The Original Movie

Testament began as a feature film, now called Testament: The Parables Retold.

The film garnered a lot of interest from many distributors but we decided to partner with Angel Studios as our distributor for the global reach they have, and for the opportunity to develop Testament into the upcoming multi-season show.

The movie is out now and can be viewed in various places, including the Angel Studios app and site.


I'm delighted to commend Testament. In his parables, Jesus dressed old truths in new clothes in a way that compelled his hearers to listen and think. Testament, fresh and appealing, engaging and intriguing, does the same today.


What makes this all so compelling is the ingenious way in which everything takes place in a gritty modern-day setting. Suddenly it all comes alive in a new way – the things that Jesus said, the dynamism of the early Church and the extraordinary pressures around at the time. This is fresh, high-energy, full-on Christianity – an absolute ‘must’ to watch.  

Hugh Osgood
Churches Together in England

Testament being set in modern times reinforces the fact that the word of God is not an ancient book with old stories that have nothing to do with us. It is truly alive and active. And the Holy Spirit is just as powerful. Testament helps the people of today relate to stories written thousands of years ago and I truly believe that’s all God asks of us. To spread the gospel to all, and spreading the gospel comes with wisdom and empathy and the ability to see what the current times need and find a way to bring them to the word they think is outdated to show them just how relevant it is to us. Today.

Eléonore-Emmanuella Bilambo
Gen-Z Viewer

Our Vision

Success in other projects does not guarantee success in Testament. There can be no assurance that the project results will be obtained, and actual results may vary significantly from the projections.

*Success in other projects does not guarantee success in Testament

With Testament, we want people to be excited to open their bibles are read the accounts we are retelling. We also hope to raise awareness of real persecuted church communities around the world. While billions of people world-wide identify as Christians, religious freedom and religious persecution are still very prevalent issues. Through the disciples’ stories, we hope to highlight the extraordinary circumstances these courageous followers of Christ found themselves in.

This series presents themes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, better known as the fruits of the spirit.

As these characters and stories come to life, we believe this project will showcase God’s light and empower others to do the same.

The Challenge

By setting the Book of Acts in an alternate modern day, we’re hoping Testament will appeal to many; but especially Millennial and Gen-Z Christians. These younger generations are hungry for compelling, impactful stories, and they are very open to exploring their faith in every direction possible. This show will meet this target audience exactly where they’re at: desiring a connection to the true stories of the Bible in a way that feels real and applicable.

This project will positively portray how the outworking of our spiritual faith can benefit others in the world today. The Good News of Jesus changed the world over 2,000 years ago and continues to do the same today. Testament will remind audiences that the Church still has a role to play in the world and a commission to fulfill.

Testament will journey with Christians at all stages of their walk; those who are struggling, thriving, or even just beginning. Therefore, we anticipate that many Christian young adults, parents, friends, and colleagues will enjoy this portrayal of Bible stories, no matter their age.

Paul Syrstad

Director and Creator

Founder of Roarlight, a UK faith-based production company, Paul directed and helmed The Parables Retold series of short films for which he was nominated on several occasions for Best Director at the International Christian Film Festival, as well as writing and directing the Testament feature film. Paul originally trained to be an actor at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama before he felt the call from God to step out from in front of the camera to behind it.

Faith Syrstad


As well as an accomplished award-winning actor on stage and screen, Faith has written award-nominated theatre plays and TV pilots as well as writing the adaptation of “The Rich Fool” in The Parables Retold series. She is also currently working with Executive Producers from the BBC on her original TV series.

Kenneth Omole

Actor and Writer

Kenneth worked as much behind the cameras of Testament as he did in front of them as his portrayal of John Mark. Other than being an award-nominated actor, Kenneth is also a skilled writer of spoken word poetry which has been featured on UK National Television and written multiple screenplays.

Andy Toovey

Director of Photography

Having worked as a DoP for over ten years in the industry, Andy has honed his craft to a beautifully cinematic style of working and has worked on countless award-winning projects. In 2016 Andy worked with the Bible Society to produce his short film after winning “The Pitch” competition.

Ed Watkins


A skilled music programmer, Ed is also an accomplished composer having done the music, orchestration, and arrangements for many high-end feature films, documentaries and video games.

Previous Works

The production company, roarlight, was founded by Paul Syrstad in 2017 with the purpose of producing films and TV shows that would "roar the light of Christ" on and off the screen.

This small company began work on retelling some of Jesus' most famous parables in modern-day settings and called the series of short films "The Parables Retold". These short films have not only gone on to win awards in various international film festivals but also were woven together into a larger storyline to create the feature film Testament: The Parables Retold.

Angel Studios Model

Angel Studios is the distributor of the phenomenal series The Chosen. In 2021 alone, The Chosen earned more than $100 million in revenue*, which is extraordinary for a faith series, and even more incredible when one considers the ground-breaking Pay-it-Forward model pioneered by Angel Studios.

Right now, you can back the Testament project by investing. If we raise the full $5 million, we plan to use the funds to make the first 8 episode season. This isn't a regular crowdfund where you give money and get a t-shirt. Instead, you would be investing. So, if the show makes enough money, you could earn a return.** Own a part of the Testament series by investing now.

*Success of The Chosen is determined on views and revenue, not on profit. There is no guarantee of any return. The success of other projects does not guarantee the success of this project.

**There is no guarantee of any return. The success of other projects does not guarantee the success of this project. Revenue generated by Angel Studios does not indicate profits earned by Testament Pictures, LLC or its investors.

How It Works

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Invest in Testament now by purchasing Class A Preferred Units at $1.00 per unit.

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We will use funds to produce Testament Season 1.

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If we earn enough from distribution revenue, you would receive 120% of your investment before the founders take a profit distribution, and then we split profits by ownership.†



$250 or more

Pre-Screening Pass to watch Online Season 1 Episodes Early

Get exclusive access to watch the Season 1 Episodes before general release.

$500 or more

Your name in the credits as an investor + Digital BTS Photo Album

Your name is listed in the credits of Season 1 as an investor and exclusive digital access to a behind-the-scenes photo album at the conclusion of production (plus all previous perks).

$1,000 or more

Invited to be an extra on set (shooting in London)

You can be on screen in the background of Season 1 as an extra in the Series! We’ll update you within filming times, locations, and availability as soon as details are finalized. Remember, you have the full responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the film location (plus all previous perks).

$2,500 or more

VIP Virtual Meet & Greet

Hop on a 20-minute video call with Creator/Director, Paul Syrstad. Ask him anything and get a behind the scenes look at the creative process (plus all previous perks).

$5,000 or more

1-Day VIP Set Pass for Two

Spend a day seeing it all happen on a real set as Testament is filmed right in front of you. We’ll give times and locations for the possible dates when the details become available. Remember, you have the full responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the film location (plus all previous perks).

$10,000 or more

Invitation as a VIP Guest to the London Red Carpet Premiere of the first two episodes of Season 1

Receive an invitation to the World Premiere of the first two episodes of Testament, back to back, in London, UK. Remember you have the full responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the event (plus all previous perks).

$25,000 or more

Investors Lunch in London with Director/Creator Paul Syrstad

Come along to the exclusive Investor’s lunch with the Director/Creator Paul Syrstad, for some good food and proper English tea. We’ll give times and locations for the possible dates when the details are available. Remember, you have the full responsibility of travel and lodging to get to the film location.

$50,000 or more

The Director’s Gift Box

Receive a Season 1 Poster signed by Paul and the team, a Coffee Table Style BTS Photo Album, a signed Episode 1 Script, and early access to the Director’s Cut of the Season 1 Trailer (plus all previous perks).

$100,000 or more

Become an Associate Producer of Season One

Receive an associate producer credit that will be included in listings on IMDB (plus all previous perks).

$250,000 or more

Become a Co-Executive Producer of Season One

Receive an executive producer credit that will be included in listings on IMDB (plus all previous perks, except the associate producer credit).

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