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SIGHT, starring Greg Kinnear and Terry Chen, follows the true story of Dr. Ming Wang, a Chinese immigrant who defies all odds to become a world-renowned eye surgeon. Drawing upon the grit and determination he gained from a turbulent uprising in his upbringing, Dr. Wang sets out to restore the sight of a blind orphan.

About the Director

Andrew Hyatt is the award-winning writer/director of the historical drama, Paul, Apostle of Christ, which was released in 2018, starring Jim Caviezel and James Faulkner. Hyatt recently co-wrote/directed The Blind, the true story of the Robertson family long before their Duck Dynasty fame, which was released in 2023, marking its strongest theatrical release which grossed 17.3M in worldwide box office. Hyatt's film Full of Grace is the first film in history to focus on the final days of Mary of Nazareth. 

Hyatt has been credited with paving the way towards a new genre of films termed “sacred art house.” Hyatt was awarded a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' from the National Catholic Museum of Art in Washington, D.C. and Paul, Apostle of Christ was nominated for 'Most Inspirational Film' at the 2018 GMA Dove Awards and 'Most Inspiring Film' at the 2019 MovieGuide Awards. Hyatt also received a prestigious Christopher Award in the Feature Film category at the 70th Annual Christopher Awards in 2019.

“I am humbled and thrilled to be a part of bringing Dr. Wang's incredible true-life story to the screen,” says Hyatt. “The universal themes of hope and endurance will undoubtedly resonate with audiences around the world. My grandmother grew up in Shanghai and to be able to honor her in some way by telling a story that echoes her own experience is a very special opportunity.”


The life of Dr. Ming Wang is a remarkable story of hope. In a time when the world is hungry for stories of conversion and redemption, Sight explores how the present is made possible by the past. In other words, we must come to peace with our past before we are able to move forward in the present. How many times has the weight of the past held us from immersing ourselves in the present and exploring the freedom of the future? Our desire is that this film will bring those conflicts to light for the viewer, so that they can be explored and, ultimately, peace can be found.

The Team

Get to know a few of the prolific team members behind the project.

Greg Kinnear

As Dr. Misha Bartnovsky

Greg Kinnear is an Academy Award® nominee and Emmy Award® winning actor who continues to draw audiences and critical acclaim with diverse and interesting roles in both television and film. Kinnear boasts an extensive and impressive television career, currently starring in HBO's popular limited series Black Bird. Other notable TV credits include The Stand, The Twilight Zone, Good People, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, House of Cards, Electric Dreams, and Confirmation.

His performance as John F. Kennedy in The Kennedys earned him an Emmy Award® nomination and a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award nomination. Kinnear starred in Little Miss Sunshine, the critically-acclaimed hit of the Sundance Film Festival. In 1997, Kinnear starred alongside Jack Nicholson in the Academy Award® nominated film As Good as It Gets. His performance garnered him not only an Academy Award® nomination, but he was also nominated at The Golden Globes® and The Screen Actors Guild Awards that year. 

Additional film credits include: Sabrina, You’ve Got Mail, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Heaven Is for Real, The English Teacher, Stuck In Love, Thin Ice, I Don’t Know How She Does It, Salvation Boulevard, Auto Focus, Invincible, Fast Food Nation, Green Zone, Ghost Town, Feast of Love, What Planet Are You From?, Mystery Men, The Matador, Bad News Bears, We Were Soldiers, HBO's Dinner With Friends, Someone Like You, Stuck on You, The Gift, Unknown, Nurse Betty and Baby Mama. 

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P&A is a crucial piece of the marketing budget for a film and may be appealing to certain investors. Why? Because with P&A, money is only raised after the film is already made and you know the quality of the work. Also, any potential return to P&A investors is paid directly out of theatrical proceeds–meaning P&A investors get paid right after the theater gets paid. So, it’s the last money in, and the first money out.

Sight’s P&A will follow the standard film industry payout model. What’s more, this P&A investment holds the potential for returns far faster than the significantly longer timeframe required when investing in a film before the filming process even begins. No return is guaranteed, so only invest what you can afford to lose.

The Angel Studios Model

Ideation, LLC (Sight) plans to bring this film to audiences in a way that traditional Hollywood has never done before, utilizing the innovative model of Angel Studios. Angel Studios is a film and television studio platform that helps filmmakers come together with viewers to create high-quality TV and film without the Hollywood guesswork. How do they do that? Producers like us use the Angel Studios’ platform to pitch TV content to you, and then you—the audience—chooses which projects qualify to be potentially distributed by Angel Studios.

At Angel Studios, the approach to entertainment isn't just about crafting captivating stories; it's about something more profound—amplifying light. They define entertainment that amplifies light as entertainment that is true, honest, noble, just, authentic, lovely, admirable, and excellent. Through Angel Studios’ platform, thousands of fans choose which titles will be created, funded, and distributed. Angel Studios allows creators and audiences to form passionate communities around their creative projects, making the story behind the story as important as the final project itself.

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