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The Riot and the Dance

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We will use funds to produce the first season of *The Riot and the Dance*.

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If we earn enough from distribution revenue, you would receive 120% of your investment before the founders take a profit distribution, and then we split profits by ownership.†


  1. This is the first faith-based nature docuseries conveying that men and women are part of God’s plan and not a poison to be ashamed of for living on this earth.

  2. There is a huge demand for faith-based projects done right. Our hope is that combining a multi-billion dollar industry with great faith-based storytelling will fill a giant hole in the entertainment industry.

  3. The Riot and the Dance team has partnered with Angel Studios for the distribution of a multi-series nature documentary that shows God’s hand in the beauty around the world.

  4. The pilot episodes have received a 78% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

  5. Stories are told to delight in families and unity with nature.

  6. Teach your children to love God and nature.

*Success in other projects does not guarantee success in The Riot and the Dance. There can be no assurance that the projected results will be obtained, and actual results may vary significantly from the projections.


For too long nature documentaries, a multi-billion dollar sector in the entertainment industry, have been completely controlled by groups who do not believe in a divine creator. Parents want their children to appreciate the beauty of the earth while still understanding that there is a creator and we are part of his creations.

The Riot and the Dance teaches families just this. You will get the beauty of other incredible nature documentaries while not feeling guilty about living on the earth.

Our vision, with Dr. Gordon Wilson as our host, is to turn The Riot and the Dance into a multi-season series the whole family can enjoy together to learn from the Greatest Artist in the history of history, who is showing His work outside your door right now and forevermore.

The Planet Earth franchise alone has a revenue of more than $108 million worldwide. It is our hope that, like other nature documentaries that have been widely accepted and profitable, our faith-based nature documentary will demonstrate similar potential. We also know that there is a need for good faith-based storytelling. Like The Chosen, we will use our faith-filled lens to tell the story of God’s creations.

The Riot and the Dance is planning to disrupt this multibillion-dollar industry by creating a multi-season TV series. It will take you and your family throughout the entire world allowing everyone to experience the most magnificent of God’s creations while giving credit to Him who created them.

If you love nature, love to learn about its true creator, and want to teach your family how important their lives are here on earth, with your potential support, The Riot and the Dance will make this possible.

About the Series

The name, The Riot and the Dance, came from Dr. Gordon Wilson's biology textbook. When he thinks of all aspects of life on earth, from ecosystems to cellular structures, God designed it like a dance. At the same time, this beautiful dance was "subjected to futility" (Romans 8:20). Most of it doesn't conform to our sense of tidy organization. In the wilderness, trees and plants aren't in rows and migrating animals aren't marching lockstep in straight ranks. This part of the riot is good. There is much beauty in all of it working together. Thus, the name of the series was born.

The Riot and the Dance has already produced two feature films (which are owned by different entities). Parents and kids are raving about how they can learn about the beauty of God’s creations while still understanding their purpose here on earth with those creations.

In 2018, The Riot and the Dance: Earth was released on 1,100 screens around the U.S. reaching tens of thousands of viewers. Through a partnership with Classical Conversations and YouTube Live, this cinematic celebration of creation was available to tens of thousands of more viewers! From these events, the film received an Audience Score of 78% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even in the initial efforts to spread our message around the world, the show saw immediate success. With this new series (which you can own with us), we hope to continue that trajectory to cast an even wider net.

What Will the Show Be Like?

There are dozens of nature documentaries and series from some of the biggest names in entertainment: Disney, National Geographic, Discovery, Living Planet, etc.. Exactly 0 of these mainstream series teach from a perspective of faith in God as the creator.

We want to bring you boisterous new nature series featuring a biologist who was once told he would never succeed if he kept blabbing about all that silly Creator-creature nonsense.

We hope you’ll join us to make this series possible. We want to take you from Australia to Ecuador. From the land, into the water. We can’t wait for The Riot and the Dance to become a worldwide nature series with many more episodes. With the full $5 million budget, we want to give you 8-10 half-hour episodes to enjoy with your family while learning about God's creatures around the globe.

Deeply Rooted Values

The Riot and the Dance is a deeply moving series that will teach parents and kids alike the instrumental role a Creator has in this world and how we as His children fit perfectly into that plan. While society is constantly trying to indoctrinate our children with pervasive and subversive messaging about nature and life, our team’s mission is to teach our children to love God and nature.

It’s important to take an active role in selecting content that will help kids become incredible adults. This series delivers on that promise by weaving these themes into the story of the world itself:

• The universe has a loving Creator and wasn’t just happenstance.

• Our role in this world is foundational, not confrontational.

• Men and women are God’s children, not a poison to the earth.

• Faith-based content is essential to our culture and lives.

• The beauties of this world are boundless.

• Connecting with nature draws us closer to God.

The Challenge

The problem? Creating a nature series like this is against the rules. The big names get to fly anywhere in the world, call up the local scientists, and get the tracking data for the animal herds they want to film- an express lane.

We, on the other hand, get to operate like outlaws. We get to find and film animals the old-fashioned way, and we love it. Except when some of the local government and science officials try to obstruct our filming.

But this leads to miraculous experiences like filming whales off the coast of California. We only had enough time and money for one day of filming … and got the most beautiful whale breach shot we’ve ever seen.

Planet Earth had a season budget of $25 million. A budget like that can get you million dollar shots of tranquilized animals, helicopter transported animals and other interferences with nature. We want to give you more with our money- uninterrupted happenings of the natural world. As the only nature documentary of our kind, we have a lot of ground to cover!

The Angel Studios Model

Fortunately, a quality show that's good for your family doesn’t mean it won’t make money. Unlike other crowdfunding campaigns, when you back our project on Angel Funding, you’re not donating money to us, you’re investing in the show’s success. That means if the show succeeds in earning enough revenue, our investors would earn a share of the profits.**

We’ve learned from The Chosen that when faith based projects are done right, they can reach millions of people. Combine that with the fact that nature entertainment is already a $1 billion+ industry.

* Success in other projects does not guarantee success in The Riot and the Dance. There can be no assurance that the projected results will be obtained, and actual results may vary significantly from the projections.

We believe The Riot and the Dance meets a huge need that hasn't been filled yet. A majority of Americans believe God is the creator -- yet current nature documentaries don't even acknowledge His existence.

We believe families everywhere will be excited for a nature series that glorifies God and helps us learn more about him through his beautiful creations. By investing, you’ll be helping create something that you believe in, something your whole family can binge-watch without any guilt whatsoever.

* There is no guarantee of any return. The success of other projects does not guarantee the success of this project.




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