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Let's Get Epic!

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You'll Be Surprised How Much Your Kids Love This

We've shared Let's Get Epic! with tons of kids and the results are consistent: They love it!

Kids love "going epic"!

One parent even told us that after watching the show, their kids went epic the next morning to motivate themselves to get ready for school (their least favorite thing in the world). It made their whole day better!

That's exactly why we made the show. We want to make kids laugh and give them tools to meet their challenges with confidence.

There are thousands of kids shows out there and many of them are actively teaching kids to whine, disobey their parents, and that friends are more important than family.

One popular kids show was even called a "moral and aesthetic catastrophe" in a recent article (click here to check it out). The same could be said for a lot of kids shows.

Let's Get Epic! is a different kind of show. It's silly and entertaining BUT it is also focused on teaching morals and helping prepare kids for a world that keeps getting tougher.

Don't believe us? Have your kids watch the pilot. They'll have a blast -- and since it does more than just entertain, you will too :)

These kinds of projects are not coming out of Hollywood. If you feel like it's important that kids have shows that teach correct principles and build their self worth, join us to make more episodes!

We need support from awesome parents like you to make this happen! Click the link below and back this project.

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Having worked in Hollywood for many years, we can tell you that Hollywood cares more about viewership than morality, education, etc. This can become problematic when families are trying to find wholesome content they can all enjoy together.

We set out to create something with good principles, while keeping things fun and entertaining, that would appeal to everyone.

We know kids today have challenges like never before! The pressures of social media to be perfect, depression and suicide rates at an all time high; it’s terrifying and it’s getting worse. It’s hard to know where to go for safe entertainment. With this in mind, Let’s Get Epic! will focus on the many challenges kids face today and teach them how to combat their problems with confidence.

These issues of today will be addressed in a physical form that we call “monsters”.

+ Cyberbullying

+ Excessive social media

+ Perfection

+ Depression

+ Drugs

+ Stranger danger

While also promoting things like:

+ Service

+ Self worth

+ Looking after each other

+ Being a team player

+ Honesty

+ Loving your neighbor

the list goes on and on.

Our goal in creating Let’s Get Epic! is to make a series that parents can feel absolutely safe in handing the remote over to their kids, knowing that through Epic mode, we really are helping kids build principles of morality and cultivating their own self worth, while keeping things fun and entertaining.

We are excited that our partnership with Angel Studios is allowing us to bring this amazing series to you all!

In our pitch video, you'll see testimonials of people that genuinely love the show and see what they believe it would do for their kids.

We are so excited about the opportunity to partner with you to make this happen! Thanks for taking the time to look at our project. We Look forward to working together!

About Let's Get Epic!

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LET’S GET EPIC! is a fun, whimsical and fast-paced look at what it means to be faced with a challenge and to do the right thing.

The series follows KADUCHE and WYNN, self-proclaimed online survival experts who are recruited to help a top-secret government agency called THE DEPARTMENT OF CATASTROPHE to thwart supernatural threats to the world.

Using their unique ability to “Go Epic” – become invincible superheroes in their minds – the best friends are tasked with everything from capturing rogue robots and catching ghosts to hunting werewolves and protecting the world from the evils of con artist extraordinaire, THE ORACLE.

But they also must keep their day jobs at the local climbing gym in order to maintain their top-secret cover, which becomes increasingly difficult as both constantly try to impress VIOLET, their boss and the girl of their dreams.

Turns out, sometimes dealing with supernatural problems is a lot simpler than dealing with life’s real ones.

Charan Prabhakar

Charan Prabhakar


In 2004, Charan got his start acting in student and short films. That same year his new agent told him to stop doing those. Since that time, Charan has starred in numerous features, commercials and, occasionally, student films. His agent still hates him.

Melissa Cannon

Melissa Cannon


Melissa not only has captained her own destiny, but has somehow managed to captain the destinies of everyone she encounters. With her infectious smile and eternal optimism, she has crushed it in her personal Doterra business while raising funds for numerous non-profits as well as several feature films. Her current passions include loving on her 4 girls, feeding chickens, and riding a scooter, fully clothed, into her pool.

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson


Brad was inspired by the honey crisp apple display in the produce section. Though he never actually tasted the apple, he did start producing live events as a field director/ producer for events like the SuperBowl and the Olympics. Currently, he has produced several feature films and is looking forward to producing kids eventually.

Aaron Hultgren

Aaron Hultgren

Writer and Co-Creator

Aaron has been writing since before you were born (if you were born after 2005). A graduate of Loyola University Chicago, he studied screenwriting at the University of California at Los Angeles before co-creating the award-winning (and sometimes award-losing) web series, The Last Man(s) On Earth.

Roger Russell

Roger Russell

Executive Producer

Dr. Roger Russell is the President of AS&R Productions. The doctors at Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation have been concerned about the way children’s entertainment has progressed over the years. AS&R Productions feels there is a real need for children’s entertainment which promotes wholesome family values, individual self worth, and addresses adversities never before experienced by kids. These adversities include cyberbullying, social media, screen time, etc. AS&R Productions is excited for this project to move forward and help fill an expanding void in our kid’s entertainment while subtly teaching our kids valuable life lessons.

Meet the Characters

Kaduche Chidambar Nadarajan III

If Kaduche had to pick three words to describe himself, he would have to invent three new words. Believing himself a hero, he’s seen every disaster movie twice and is a self-proclaimed “survival expert.” He’s a loyal friend who dives head-first into solving problems, which usually creates more problems.

Wynn Coe

Born a half-century late, innocent Wynn belongs on the 1950s TV show Leave It To Beaver. He’s caring, compassionate and on He’s also scared of his own shadow, except at noon. He would do anything for his best friend forever Kaduche.

Violet Amanda McCaskey

Beautiful, sweet and usually on the verge of firing Kaduche and Wynn, Violet is the climbing gym manager and girl of Kaduche and Wynn’s dreams. Unfortunately, she’s also dating their nemesis, Marcus.

Little Johnny and Little Stacey (Not featured in pilot)

Wynn's younger, snarky and incredibly intelligent siblings. He gets stuck babysitting them a lot.

General Joe

The head of the Department of Catastrophe, General Joe is the alpha-male father figure to Kaduche and Wynn. He’s an All-American hero who still longs to be in the field, if not for an unmentionable event from his past that he never talks about. Ever. So don’t ask.

Intern Scientist

Serving much like Q in the James Bond films, she provides Kaduche and Wynn with the latest gadgets and spy toys...whenever she can get them to work.


Kaduche and Wynn’s nemesis, Marcus is Violet’s super cool and good-looking boyfriend. He’s bitter that his estranged father, the Oracle, is evil and still owes him $200K.

The Oracle (Not featured in pilot)

Dangerous and cunning, the Oracle started as a visionary known for his accurate YouTube predictions. Now he’s known as the ultimate con-man wanted by the government for his plots to take over the world.

Bobby Bobson

Kaduche and Wynn’s smug climbing gym co-worker. He’s constantly reminding Kaduche and Wynn that they have no chance with Violet.



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Kaduche and Wynn Epic Training

Hang out with Kaduche and Wynn as they teach you (and your family) how to go Epic by serving others.* Plus all previous perks.


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