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Gabriel and the Guardians

Complete development of episode 4
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Gabriel and the Guardians is a captivating fantasy series that draws inspiration from ancient Hebrew text, much like how Lord of the Rings was inspired by northern european legends and lore. The series weaves a unique and imaginative narrative within this rich tapestry of inspiration and powerful themes.

  1. A 13-episode action-packed animated series and manga/comic series. Explore the celestial realm, clash with dark giants, and join the battle for destiny and light in a journey that asks the question: Are You a Hero?

  2. In a time when anime is taking the world by storm, Gabriel and the Guardians is pioneering a unique concept as a crowd-owned animation series and manga/comic book saga that gives the fan an opportunity to participate as co-creators in the series.

  3. Taking inspiration from ancient texts such as Genesis, Daniel and Enoch, we believe our unique blend of Hebrew scripture, epic fantasy, and high-quality animation will produce a multi-season series of great substance that attracts a wide market.

Invest in Gabriel and the Guardians by purchasing preferred units at $1.00 per unit.

We will use funds raised to produce pre-production for 1 - 13 episodes depending on the amount of funds raised.

If we earn enough from all revenue streams (anything related to the IP), you would earn your initial investment back plus 20% before the founders take a distribution and then you share in profits with us. For a full description of the offering, you should refer to our Form C.

Set in the mythical world of Ara, a realm of wonder, mystery, and magic. The narrative foundation is influenced by Genesis 6, exploring themes like identity, rebellion, faith, and redemption. Skillfully integrating the cultures, history, and texture of the Hebrew Scripture, this story aims to represent its profound and timeless truths. Through its creative and action-packed fantasy adventure, the series delves into deep themes while delivering an engaging and entertaining experience.

Designed primarily for viewers aged 10 and up, Gabriel and the Guardians boasts a co-viewing appeal that transcends age boundaries. The series' themes, action, and character-driven storytelling promise to captivate both adults and children alike.


Johnny Yong Bosch, former Power Ranger and renowned voice actor from popular anime such as Bleach, Trigun, Akira, and Dragon Ball, brings to life Gabriel: a Celestial Guardian tasked with protecting the Tree Eternal. With unwavering optimism, Gabriel remains steadfast even when his closest companions falter in remembering their true purpose. He never loses hope, never gives up, and firmly believes in the untapped potential of others.

Although he certainly makes mistakes, Gabriel has an unshakeable identity and sense of self that inspires those around him. Gabriel is aware that his choices are what shape his destiny.

Anime fans know her Mio Akiyama in K-ON!, as well as fan favorite characters from Pokemon, Bleach, and Sailor Moon, but she is currently most known as Ladybug in the smash hit phenomenon, Miraculous. Cristina Vee is bringing her voice and talent to Namay'ah: A cunning and resourceful alchemist, Namay'ah is the secondborn of the twin princesses of Qayinara. On the surface she seems independent and prickly, but deep down, Namay'ah desires acceptance. More than that, she wants her voice heard.

Her desire to impress her sister & parents will be challenged and Namay'ah will be forced to make a choice between the royal family she's always wanted to accept her and the new family that already does.

Matt Lanter, known for his iconic portrayal as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Clone Wars as well as voicing Aquaman in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, is portraying Nok: a bash and braggadocios Cleric turned Giant Slayer. Nok believes in his heart in the ways of the Bekohrahn Clerics, but he is clouded by his desire for revenge.

Fiercely loyal to those that earn his trust, Nok is skeptical of those that are outside of his tribe. Nok must learn that the light that his people have been given is meant to be shared with the world.

James Arnold Taylor is a towering figure in the world of animation, known for his remarkable versatility and ability to bring a myriad of characters to life with his distinctive vocal talents. His most iconic roles include the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Johnny Test in Johnny Test, Tidus from Final Fantasy X and Ratchet in the Ratchet & Clank. James brings his raw energy and incredible skill to Malachros: the main antagonist of Season One. We don't want to give away too much right now but here's a secret hint... Chaos Giants... shhh.

Global demand for anime-style shows has grown over 118 percent within the past 3 years, making anime one of the fastest-growing genres ever with a total market value of $22 billion. In 2021, over half of all Netflix subscribers worldwide watched anime content and 8 out of 10 students watch anime.

Of the top 25 most profitable franchises in the world 8 are anime or anime related. According to the Hollywood reporter Anime has become a globally popular juggernaut. Gabriel and the Guardians aims sit along side anime and other anime-infuenced series and paricipate in the potential success of the genre.

*The global demand for anime does not necessarily reflect the specific market we anticipate reaching; it merely suggests a widespread interest in anime. Our success in tapping into the global market hinges on our ability to establish partnerships with suitable distributors and gain consumer acceptance within the market, which we cannot estimate at this time.

Joining the anime sensation, Gabriel and the Guardians will also be published as a manga book series. Manga's incredible growth, especially in the U.S., makes it a key part of our offering.

Merchandising Potential

We’ve already begun developing concepts and prototypes for merchandising, from toys to AR trading cards to mobile games, our creative team has the talent, background and resources to develop many of these concepts in-house.

*Please note that the images provided here are purely conceptual representations of merchandise ideas and designs. No actual products have been developed, produced, or are available for purchase. These images are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent any existing or forthcoming merchandise.

Other Projects Members of the Team Have Done

Members of the team behind Gabriel and the Guardians have a combined impressive portfolio of past projects that showcase their talent and expertise including films from Disney’s renaissance era.*

*Includes projects that current contributors of Gabriel and the Guardians have worked on.

The Wonders of Genesis

Unlike nearly all existing anime series that are inspired by eastern scripture, including Asian mysticism, Buddhism, and Taoism, Gabriel and the Guardians is one of the first anime series whose storytelling is rooted in Judeo-Christian philosophy. Inspired by the Torah and the morals found in ancient Hebrew texts, this series emphasizes justice, goodwill, and charity and aims to instill a sense of indomitable hope in the rising generation. 

Amidst the streaming boom, there are very few shows based in scripture and designed to inspire teenage audiences. Gabriel and the Guardians hopes to remedy this deficit by inspiring viewers with its underlying themes of identity, destiny, and the power of choices, encouraging audiences to reflect on their own lives and embrace their own potential for greatness.

Angel Studios Model

We’ve observed a steady track record of the anime genre's performance over the years. TV Series like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Z, and Attack on Titan have achieved significant financial returns*. These kinds of series often become classics, proving the test of time, and creating more downstream revenue for years to come. We will bring this epic animated series to life in a way that traditional Hollywood has never done before, utilizing the innovative model of Angel Studios.

While many of the Angel Studios projects have not provided profits to investors at this time, Angel Studios has proven that profits are possible and several Angel Originals have already resulted in investment returns for audience members who invested in the projects.

*Success in other projects does not guarantee success of Gabriel and the Guardians. Investing in these early-stage companies involves a high degree of risk including the possibility of the total loss of your investment, and there is no guarantee of any return. You should consult with your advisors prior to making an investment decision.



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