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$1,067,611 of $1,070,000 max*
2,747 People*
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Invest in Freelancers now by purchasing Class A Preferred Units at $1.00 per unit.

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We will use funds raised to produce 1-8 episodes depending on the amount of funds raised. (One episode per $125,000 raised)

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If we earn enough from distribution revenue, you would earn 120% of your investment before the creators receive any profits. Then going forward you share in profits with us.†



Ever have trouble deciding what to watch as a family on a Friday night? Ever want to stab yourself in the eyes if you have to watch Frozen 2 one more time? Want to create something for your family and hopefully make money at the same time?

Then today you can invest in a new kind of TV show.

Parents in America spend about 30 billion hours a year watching TV with their Kids. That's 3,000 years!

The problem is, most TV shows don't work for the whole family. Adult shows may be inappropriate for your kids. And kids shows were designed during the Cold War to drive adults slowly mad. (Caillou is banned by the Geneva Convention, but our enemies still use it.)

Introducing Freelancers

Freelancers is a family-friendly sitcom for everyone. The show follows 5 best friends trying to make it as filmmakers, one terrible job at a time. It's fast and absurd like 30 Rock, and happy and funny like Parks & Rec. (Check out the pilot above!)

We made Season 1 with a tiny production budget and no marketing money, yet it still got viewed millions of times.

Now we want to show what we can do with an actual budget! Today you can invest in Freelancers to help create a show for your whole family, and hopefully make a profit at the same time.


Unlike other crowd-funding opportunities where you get a T-shirt, you're not donating to this project. You're INVESTING. That means if this show succeeds in earning enough revenue, you will earn a share of the profits.

And the profits on successful content can be huge^

^Note that as with all investments, even if Freelancers earns profits, there is no guarantee it will be enough to pay a return to you.

But more importantly, when you invest, you'll be creating something you believe in. Something your whole family can enjoy together.

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