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  1. David is the most significant biblical animated movie to be made since Dreamworks’ Prince of Egypt, our vision is an epic movie that is biblically authentic while standing alongside the likes of Moana and Tangled for quality and entertainment value.

  2. There is a huge appetite for faith content done right - proven from the times of The Ten Commandments, through to the more recent successes of The Passion of the Christ and The Chosen.

  3. As a genre, animation reaches arguably the broadest of all audiences - reaching across every age, culture, and language divide better than any other medium.

  4. Commercially, animation is consistently being the best-performing movie genre in terms of revenue. It’s also arguably the most enduring genre of all, and we are making David for families today and for generations to come.

  5. David brings together the power and appeal of both animation and biblical storytelling, and we are making a movie with powerful Biblical authenticity for a broad global audience.

  6. David’s story is ultimately an incredible journey of Faith, and a living, breathing, and world-changing relationship with God. This is the message we will share with countless millions of people now and for generations to come.

  7. The creators of David are also the creators of the phenomenal Jungle Beat brand. The Jungle Beat series has been broadcast in over 150 countries and has a YouTube audience of nearly 200 million views per month. Jungle Beat: The Movie was acquired by Netflix, and in 2020 ranked in Netflix’s Top 10 Movies globally, reaching 3rd place in the US, with an 80% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

*Success in other projects does not guarantee success in David. There can be no assurance that the projected results will be obtained, and actual results may vary significantly from the projections.


David is one of the most inspiring characters in human history. Warrior, poet, shepherd, and king, David’s life is one of incredible color and energy.

It’s the ultimate underdog story. It's about much more than a shepherd boy who took on a giant. It’s a story that can inspire a generation to live more courageously and love more generously. It has the power to change us.

David is a major animated feature film that will reach a global audience. Animation is arguably the most powerful medium through which to reach every generation, culture, and language. The world’s most beloved animated films are re-watched again and again. We believe that David will be among them.

Our vision is to create an epic masterpiece that can stand proudly alongside the most iconic films in the history of the genre.

We have already raised and invested over $19 million in research, development, production pipeline tech, visual treatment, three drafts of script development, storyboards and animatic, music and recruiting key leads, and our total production budget target is $54.6 million. We intend to raise $5 million in this crowdfunding offering and then raise the balance via subsequent Reg A+ and 506(c) equity financing rounds. Part of this budget will be allocated to ongoing script and story development, with the balance allocated towards prodcution.

Other Projects We've Done

Our team has built many different projects including the Jungle Beat YouTube channel which has over 7+ Million YouTube Subscribers and we are pacing for 2 billion views a year on YouTube alone. We released a full-length feature film - Jungle Beat The Movie on Netflix which had an audience score of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and was on Netflix top 10 worldwide for over 2 weeks. As we’ve built our studio over the past two decades, we’ve created world-class content for major global brands including Samsung, Dell, and Juventus Football Club, and every step of the way we’ve been building our studio pipeline towards David - our legacy feature project.

What Will the Show Be Like?

We love the style and humor of Disney’s Tangled combined with the beautiful music of animated Biblical films like The Prince of Egypt, which did $212 million in the box office. Combining these two worlds, our mission is to tell a story that is authentic to scripture, and yet also a wildly adventurous and entertaining epic movie to appeal to every culture. We believe we are creating what will become the most-viewed animated film of all time by telling the story of David as you’ve never seen it before.

David’s life was defined by his courage, faith and his love for God, while his fallible, relatable humanity has resonated across cultures and generations. This film will teach families those principles of leadership and faith that are so often neglected in society today.

Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath, but that’s just one high moment in the extraordinary story we are telling. He was a songwriter, musician, warrior and leader, and was as at home in the wild desert as he was in the palace. He was a gifted leader who inspired those around him to live expansively and bravely. Three of his men fought through enemy lines to draw water for him when they knew he was thirsty, only for David to pour the water out as an offering to the Lord, honoring the risk his men had taken out of their love for him. As a boy, he fought Goliath because there wasn’t a warrior in Israel prepared to fight a giant, and yet 2 Samuel 23 lists David’s mighty men, and later in his life he had inspired a generation of giant-slayers!

Our goal is to make this film’s animation on par with Disney and Pixar, which have $150 million to $200 million budgets and our team will accomplish this with a fraction of the budget. We have already raised and invested over $19million in research, development, production pipeline tech, visual treatment, three drafts of script development, storyboards and animatic, music and recruiting key leads, and our total production budget target is $54.6m.

Deeply Rooted Values

If we had to choose one scripture that most clearly inspired and directs our values, it would be from John 6:29, “Jesus replied, ‘The work of God is this; to believe in The One He sent.’” We believe that our faith should be reflected in our boldness, excellence, and generous, expansive spirit.

At the top of our stairs leading into our studio, we have inscribed a quote from The Lord of the Rings - “Certainty of death, small chance of success, what are we waiting for?” (Gimli). This resonates with our team because we feel so strongly that anything worth doing and that will have a lasting impact, will require immense sacrifice.

The codename of this movie is HBD which stands for “Here Be Dragons”. This acronym was placed on ancient maps at the edge of known territories, as a warning that no one knew what lay beyond this point. We love the spirit of adventure, boldness, and faith that has driven brave adventurers to go beyond what has been done before, and this is the spirit in which David is being made.

Over the past three years, as David has been in development, there have been opportunities to take this project to major Hollywood studios, and as much as this would be conventional wisdom, we have had a strong sense that this is not the route God wants us to take. We feel a strong sense of stewardship to stay at the head of creative and distribution, to be sure that the movie we make is authentic to scripture, drenched in God’s presence, and brought to the widest possible audience.

“God said, I have found in David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart.” - Acts 13:22. Our ultimate passion is to live a story and make a movie that reveals God’s heart to our generation and generations to come.

The Team

The Challenge

Completing a theatrical release can feel like an insurmountable challenge, but a challenge, with your help, we feel God can help us overcome because we “can do all things through Christ.” (Philippians 4:13)

All the large studios, historically, have owned the theatrical world and have made it very difficult for small studios to have successful releases in the theatrical space. Because of recent and tragic events with COVID, theaters and cinemas around the globe are struggling to keep their doors open and they are wanting to fill their seats to just stay alive.

We believe that we are positioned to crack the theatrical system because of the relationships we have developed with them over the years as well as the fact that our distribution partner, Angel Studios, is the only studio to have global hits, like The Chosen, outside the traditional studio distribution path.

We intend to build a community throughout the production process, so that when we are ready to bring this movie to the world, we will have a team of partners and friends adding their voices and support to the launch of David. Between our relationships and your help in building this community, our goal is to have the largest animated theatrical release of all time with a story society so desperately needs to hear today.

The Angel Studios Model

Fortunately, a quality show that's good for your family doesn’t mean it won’t make money. Unlike other crowdfunding campaigns, we’re not looking for donations, we're selling equity in the project. That means if the show succeeds in earning enough revenue, our investors could earn a share of the profits.*

We’ve learned from The Chosen that when faith-based projects are done right, they can reach millions of people. Combine that with the fact that the top 50 animated films alone have generated over $39 Billion in box office revenue according to Box Office Mojo.**

We believe David meets a huge need that hasn't been filled yet. There are over 2.5 billion people worldwide that believe in the story of David -- yet current animated films don't even acknowledge God’s existence nor do they tell the incredible stories that are found in the scriptures. We plan to tell this story in a way that is familiar but also new for the whole world to enjoy.

We believe families everywhere will be excited for an animated film that glorifies God and helps us learn more about David and his incredible life. By investing, you’ll be helping create something that you believe in, something your whole family can watch and love!

*Distributions of profits are determined by the managers of Slingshot USA LLC in their sole discretion.

**There is no guarantee of any return. The success of other projects does not guarantee the success of this project.




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