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  1. Our hope is that David will be the most significant biblical animated movie to be made since Dreamworks’ Prince of Egypt. Our vision is an epic movie that is biblically authentic while standing alongside the likes of Moana and Tangled for quality and entertainment value.

  2. In 2021, David successfully raised close to $5 million in crowdfunding, with the first $2.5 million invested in just 24 hours.

  3. There is a huge appetite for faith content done right - proven from the times of The Ten Commandments, through to the more recent successes of The Passion of the Christ and The Chosen.

  4. As a genre, animation reaches arguably the broadest of all audiences - reaching across every age, culture, and language divide better than any other medium.

  5. Commercially, animation is consistently the best-performing movie genre in terms of revenue. It’s also arguably the most enduring genre of all, and we are making David for families today and for generations to come.

  6. David brings together the power and appeal of both animation and biblical storytelling, and we are making a movie with powerful Biblical authenticity for a broad global audience.

  7. David’s story is ultimately an incredible journey of Faith, and a living, breathing, and world-changing relationship with God. This is the message we want to share with countless millions of people now and for generations to come.

  8. The creators of David are also the creators of the phenomenal Jungle Beat brand. The Jungle Beat series has been broadcast in over 150 countries and has a YouTube audience of nearly 200 million views per month. Jungle Beat: The Movie was acquired by Netflix, and in 2020 ranked in Netflix’s Top 10 Movies globally, reaching 3rd place in the US, with an 80% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

  9. The creators of David have brought together some of the leading professionals in the animation industry, who collectively have worked on many of the most successful films of the past two decades.

*Success in other projects does not guarantee success in David. There can be no assurance that the projected results will be obtained, and actual results may vary significantly from the projections.


David is a major animated feature film created by Slingshot USA, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“Slingshot USA”) for a wide audience to share the epic biblical story of David with families across the world. David is one of the most inspiring characters in human history. Warrior, poet, shepherd, and king, his life is one of incredible color and energy. It’s the ultimate underdog story.

It's about much more than a shepherd boy who took on a giant. It’s a story that can inspire a generation to live more courageously and love more generously. Not only is David's life one of the most compelling stories of human history; it’s a story that points to God in a way that challenges the image that many have of an austere, unapproachable, and distant deity.

We believe that David’s story is best told in the medium of animation as none other has the power to reach every generation, culture, and language. The world’s most beloved animated films are re-watched again and again. We are making David a cinematic masterpiece that can stand alongside the most iconic movies in this genre.

What Will the Movie Be Like?

We love the style and humor of Disney’s Tangled combined with the beautiful music of animated Biblical films like The Prince of Egypt, which did $212 million in the box office. * Combining these two worlds, our mission is to tell a story that is authentic to scripture and yet also a wildly adventurous and entertaining epic movie to appeal to every culture. We believe we are creating what will become the most-viewed animated film of all time by telling the story of David as you’ve never seen it before.

Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath, but that’s just one high moment in the extraordinary story we are telling. He was a songwriter, musician, warrior, and leader, and was as at home in the wild desert as he was in the palace. He was a gifted leader who inspired those around him to live expansively and bravely. As a boy, he fought Goliath because there wasn’t a warrior in Israel prepared to fight a giant, and yet 2 Samuel 23 lists David’s mighty men, and later in his life he had inspired a generation of giant-slayers!

Our goal is to make this film with the entertainment value, animation quality, and production value that is on par with Disney and Pixar. We have already raised over $24.6 million and completed extensive research, development, production pipeline tech, visual treatment, three drafts of script development, storyboards and animatic, music, and recruiting key leads.

*Please note, there is no guarantee of any return. The success of other projects does not guarantee the success of this project.

A World-Class, Worldwide Production Team

David has attracted an incredibly gifted and experienced team of artists, animators, filmmakers, and music professionals from across the world (from 14 different countries so far). Our crew has included senior contributors who have worked on some of the most iconic and successful movies of the last two decades, including Finding Nemo, Moana, Tangled, Big Hero 6 and Soul.

The Music of David

David will be more than just an epic animated film. Our vision is to create a timeless animated musical. After all David was described as “Israel’s singer of songs” and wrote more than half of the Psalms, so music is intrinsically part of his story.  Movies like Prince of Egypt, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen and Moana, have given the world music that has become as well known and loved as the movies themselves.  Our music team includes two Grammy-winners who have worked with some of the world’s leading artists and have written and produced major global hits.  Music has a unique power to engage and move people emotionally, and we can’t wait to share the music of David with the world. 

Phil Cunningham

Executive Producer/Director

Phil Cunningham is the founder of Sunrise Productions, the computer animation studio responsible for the development and creation of David. Phil’s passion for storytelling was ignited and fueled as a young boy growing up in the wild frontier of Zimbabwe, where day-to-day life was often interspersed with larger-than-life characters and fantastic stories. Phil is a serial entrepreneur, a visionary, a storyteller, and most of all a man of Faith. The story of David has been the driving passion behind Phil’s journey into film, because of the incredible glimpses of God’s nature that are woven into David’s extraordinary story.

Over the last two decades, he has built Sunrise Animation Studios in Cape Town, South Africa. Sunrise has worked with some of the world’s leading brands, while also creating one of the most popular pre-school animation brands in Jungle Beat, which has been broadcast in over 150 countries and has a YouTube audience of 2 billion views per year, and 7 million subscribers. More recently Sunrise released Jungle Beat: The Movie on Netflix, where it featured in the Top 10 movies across all genres for three weeks.

Jacqui Cunningham

Executive Producer

Jacqui Cunningham co-founded Sunrise Animation Studios with her husband Phil, and she has a particular passion for mentoring people and building incredible teams in the filmmaking and story process. Jacqui has led the process in bringing some of the most highly regarded professionals in the international animation industry together for David and has been at the heart of designing an extraordinary studio space and process. She brings a great deal of intuitive wisdom to compliment Phil’s entrepreneurial vision, and they have been an exceptional team in running a business, making movies, and raising their three children.

Brent Dawes


Brent Dawes is the lead writer and director at Sunrise Productions in Cape Town. After studying Drama and spending a two-year stint as an advertising copywriter, Brent joined Sunrise way back in 2001 as lead animator on Africa’s first animated feature The Legend of the Sky Kingdom.

Brent has been the ever-present creative leader in the growth of Sunrise Animation Studios over the past two decades, and has created the Jungle Beat series, and directed Jungle Beat: The Movie, which was acquired by Netflix in 2021, where it ranked in the Top 10 movies across all genres for three weeks.

Brent has creatively led Sunrise towards being the fun, vibrant, and visionary studio that it is today. Brent is currently writing and directing a major feature – David while leading Sunrise’s overall creative vision.

Other Projects We've Done

The team attached to David has collectively worked on many of the biggest, most successful animated features of the past two decades. Our studio partner is Sunrise Animation Studios, based in Cape Town, South Africa, and their team is a group of incredibly talented artists, storytellers, and animators from all over the world, brought together with a shared passion to inspire through story.

Sunrise founders Phil and Jacqui Cunningham started the studio with a vision to make an epic movie about the life of David and his extraordinary, world-changing relationship with God. Over the past two decades, they and the Sunrise team have been preparing for this moment and building the pipeline and skillset to make this movie with the production quality and sheer entertainment value of the best major-studio movies, while not losing sight of the greater priority: a movie filled with God’s truth and presence.

In preparation for David, Sunrise has worked with major global partners and built several successful properties, including the Jungle Beat YouTube channel which has over 8 million YouTube subscribers and close to 2 billion views a year on YouTube alone. Sunrise released a full-length feature film - Jungle Beat: The Movie on Netflix which had an audience score of 80% on Rotten Tomatoes and was on Netflix's top 10 worldwide for over 2 weeks.

Over the past two decades, Sunrise has created world-class content for major global brands including Samsung, Dell, and Juventus Football Club, every step of the way been building a studio pipeline towards David as a legacy feature project.

The Challenge

Completing a major global theatrical release can feel like an insurmountable challenge, but with confidence that we “can do all things through Christ” (Philippians 4:13), we’re setting out to do exactly that!

All the large studios, historically, have owned the theatrical world and have made it very difficult for small studios to have successful releases in the theatrical space. We are right in the middle of one of the greatest disruptions the world has seen in terms of how films are distributed and consumed, and we feel there is an opportunity to achieve unprecedented distribution for an independent film, by firstly creating a movie of incredible quality, and secondly through a distribution strategy that is innovative and harnesses the incredible power of community.

We believe Angel Studios is the ideal production partner since they have helped successfully launch other productions, like The Chosen, outside the traditional studio distribution path.

We intend to build a community throughout the production process so that when we are ready to bring this movie to the world, we will have a team of partners and friends adding their voices and support to the launch of David. Between our relationships and your help in building this community, our goal is to have the largest animated theatrical release of all time with a story society so desperately needs to hear today.

Our Distributors - Angel Studios

Slingshot USA’s distribution agreement with Angel Studios provides for a marketing budget of up to 50% of our production expenditure, which is a healthy budget for an independent film. However, when compared with the marketing spend of major studios like Pixar and Disney, we recognize that the success of David will rely on a “slingshot” strategy, and Angel Studios’ proven ability to innovate is key to this.

Our strategy is built on five key pillars:

Building a community. Angel Studios have done an incredible job at building a “crowd” of investors and followers behind media projects, right from the funding and through the production process. Once funding of David is complete, we will still have roughly two years of production before release, and together with Angel Studios, we will use this period to continue to engage with and build our David community, through strategic social media and mainstream media narrative, further driven by a group of high-profile Executive Producers with exceptionally large and engaged social media following.

Engaging the Faith community. Our initial “crowd” behind David will be just a small subset of nearly 2.5 billion Christians worldwide, which represents a massive global audience of families who already know and love the story of David. While we are making David for a diverse, global audience, we recognize that the Faith community is very likely where our “snowball” will start. Making a movie that authentically honors the biblical text is a passion and priority for us, and we believe that the Faith community will be delighted by the quality, entertainment, and spiritual depth of David.

Global Theatrical Release Strategy. With Angel Studios as our distributors, we are planning an innovative US cinema release leveraging the momentum generated in the “crowd” and Faith communities described above. Internationally our strategy is for Angel to appoint and manage distributors for each regional/national territory to achieve the best global audience possible.

Pay-It-Forward Cinema. Angel Studios have pioneered a pay-it-forward model with The Chosen, which has been an absolute phenomenon. We love the heart behind this model – giving away world-class, Christian content and inviting the community to gift the content to new viewers through a “pay-it-forward” option. This model has proven as disruptively successful commercially as it is generous, and The Chosen generated $80 million in 2021. *

Our vision for David has always been a significant theatrical release, and in seeking wisdom in how to embrace the spirit of a pay-it-forward model for this specific project, we have a concept that we feel tremendously excited about. While launching David theatrically worldwide, we are exploring a pay-it-forward cinema ticket option, where we offer free tickets and cinema access to children and families who would otherwise never or seldom afford to watch a movie in cinema and invite our community worldwide to “pay forward” the price of a cinema ticket to make this possible.

A child’s first cinema movie is a powerful and unforgettable experience; imagine if that experience is a story that is filled with God’s presence and truth! In a normal theatrical movie release, one would only expect to sell one ticket per customer, but this model allows and encourages our most enthusiastic customers to make multiple purchases. This model is still very much at the concept stage, but we are excited about its potential.

A Truly Special Film. In an age in which there is so much media content and unprecedented competition for attention, the first requirement of a distribution strategy is to rise above the noise, which is where our first four pillars come in. If we can achieve that, our single biggest success factor will be the quality of David. The challenge we have embraced is to create a film that people can’t stop talking about and recommending so that every person that sees the movie becomes part of our marketing movement.

*Distributions of profits are determined by the managers of Slingshot USA, LLC in their sole discretion. And once again please note, there is no guarantee of any return. The success of other projects does not guarantee the success of this project.

*Disclosure: (1) No money or other consideration is being solicited or accepted at this time, and if sent in response, will not be accepted. (2) Offers to buy the securities cannot be accepted, and no part of the purchase price can be received, until the Form 1-A Offering Circular (OC) is qualified, and any such offer may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance given after the qualification date. b (3) A person's indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind. (4) A copy of the Offering Circular can be requested by email to Prior to confirmation of qualification by the SEC, a preliminary offering circular will be provided, and the final offering circular may be requested at the same email address once we have received confirmation of qualification under Reg A.

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