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The Axiom Chronicles

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  1. The Axiom Chronicles is an action-adventure animated series designed for 8-12 year-olds that follows one brave teen boy’s fight to free his people from the robots that have enslaved them. 

  2. This series will explore the hero’s journey, emphasizing themes of courage, destiny, and embracing one's calling. 

  3. The show's creators have mapped out a four-season plan, allowing them and Angel Studios time to develop an audience and market to fans. 

The Story

Defeat the robots. Free your people. Change the world. 

In the vast reaches of space a planet lies dying. On it, a robotic hive runs rampant searching for the source that gave it life, the Axiom crystal. Now, the Mechno-hive rules over the planet, enslaving the people (or “organics”) as their labor force. Groups of organic outlaws and rebels fight to survive the oppression of the Mechno-hive. A spark of hope is ignited when a shard of the Axiom finds its way into the hands of an unlikely hero.

What Will This Series Be Like?

The Axiom Chronicles is an animated TV series designed for 8-12 year-olds, drawing inspiration from a mix of The Mandalorian, The Prince of Egypt, and The Matrix. The show's creators have mapped out a four-season arc for the show. 

We believe The Axiom Chronicles has the potential to become a household sensation because it combines heart-stopping action, striking animation, and characters worth rooting for. With a story that’s reminiscent of ancient tales, The Axiom Chronicles takes viewers on a journey of finding the light, discovering your calling, and most importantly, fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.

The art style is heavily influenced by Genndy Tartakovsky’s  Samurai Jack and Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoons. When Art Director Dillon Wheelock interviewed at Edison Creative, an award-winning video production studio based in Omaha, Nebraska, he showed off a few sketches of what would become the characters of The Axiom Chronicles. These concepts blew the team away and they knew they needed to create a story around them. Soon after, the team members at Edison Creative decided to form Axiom Productions, Inc., to further create and develop The Axiom Chronicles.

The Good

It would seem that there isn’t much good left on the planet of Xeden, until a spark of hope is ignited by our hero Rake. Along his journey he discovers hidden pockets of good Organics thinly spread across the Robotic Lands. He finds new and unexpected friendship in Dunebot & Sparky. The first robots he has ever met, not under the control of the Mechnohive.  Rake begins to unravel his mysterious past while sorting through the mad musings of the crazy old desert hermit Screwloose Joe. Under the tutelage of Stria of the Sandsleepers, Rake learns to survive in this harsh new environment, and to use his skills to fight for what is right. With the help of this new family, Rake begins to truly understand what it means to be good, and why it is worth fighting for.

The Bad

The Mechnohive is everywhere. From the enormous desert roving Torotusks to the stealthy flying Hornet Drones, every robot  is merely a tiny thread that weaves the all encompassing consciousness of the Mechnohive. Even the robotic cities themselves are part of this great evil’s web that constricts Xeden. By enslaving the Organics as its labor force, or horribly altering them into the loyal Cyborg Class lead by the maniacal Shogun Syn and the diabolical Dr. Bantom, the Hive extends its reach across the planet. Its only objective: to obtain every last piece of the all powerful energy creating Axiom Crystal. The Mechnohive will stop at nothing until that power is its alone.

Merchandising Opportunities: Expanding The Axiom Universe

We also intend for The Axiom Chronicles to go beyond the screen. We're excited to explore the world of merchandise and bring the magic of the series into the hands of fans. Our creative team has been brainstorming a variety of captivating ideas to turn elements from the show into collectible items. While we can't unveil specific details yet, we're confident that our potential merchandising endeavors will add an exciting layer to the viewing experience.

*Some animated series have generated significant revenue by creating and selling merchandise related to their shows, and The Axiom Chronicles hopes to follow suit. Merchandising doesn't just add an extra revenue stream; it extends the universe of the show, allowing fans to immerse themselves in its world even when the episodes aren't streaming. From clothing to interactive toys and more, the possibilities are as boundless as the universe itself.

As potential investors, you're not just supporting a groundbreaking animated series, but you're also investing in a multifaceted brand with the potential to captivate audiences through various mediums.

*The success of other shows' merchandising efforts is not a promise of this show's potential.

The Challenge

Making a well-produced multi-season animated series requires hundreds of collaborators, creators, talented filmmakers, and top talent. That’s why The Axiom Chronicles and Edison Creative, an award-winning video production studio based in Omaha, Nebraska, entered into an agreement with Angel Studios to be their distribution partner. 

Angel has a track record of working outside of traditional studio paths so the creators of The Axiom Chronicles won’t have to compromise their vision or surrender creative control to industry trends.

Angel Studios Model

The Axiom Chronicles plans to bring this animated series to life in a way that traditional Hollywood has never done before, utilizing the innovative model of Angel Studios.  Angel Studios is a film studio platform that helps creators come together with viewers to create high-quality TV and film without the Hollywood guesswork.  How do they do that?  Producers like us use the Angel Studios’ platform to pitch TV content to you, and then you --the audience-- chooses which projects qualify to be potentially distributed by Angel Studios. By partnering with its affiliated crowdfunding portal Angel Funding, Angel Studios has also innovated a way to let the audience invest in these projects to help fund their creation and for investors to share in some of the profits of films and TV series that are profitable.  

While many of the Angel Studios projects have not provided profits to investors at this time, Angel Studios has proven that profits are possible and several Angel projects have already resulted in investment returns for audience members who invested in the projects.

*Investing in these early-stage companies involves a high degree of risk including the possibility of the total loss of your investment, and there is no guarantee of any return. You should consult with your advisors prior to making an investment decision.

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