Build Your Community While Funding Your Next Show

Answer to your community, not a Hollywood studio.

Easy Process

Application Review
1-2 weeks
Prepare for Launch
1 week minimum
Raise Funds and Build Your Audience
3-5 weeks
Green Light Production

Build Your Community

Your superfans are your Angel Investors*. Filmmakers using Angel Funding have seen their social followings and email lists grow from 0 to tens of thousands of fans all over the world, all while raising millions of dollars. Your Angel Investors* can inspire friends to watch your content, drive audiences to premieres, and ultimately spread the word.

The Crowd is Full of Smart Money

The crowd is full of smart, passionate money. Our diverse community of over 30,000 Angel Investors* includes top-tier venture capitalists, influencers and engaged supporters. Your Angel Investors are excited to help you build more than a pile of cash.*

Think Big

You can raise up to $5 million per year with the help of your own community

Simple Transparent Pricing

Angel Crowdfunding takes a success-based commission at the end of a campaign: 6% of the money raised in cash. For example, if you were to raise $1,000,000 on Angel Crowdfunding, we would take $60,000 in cash. In the unlikely event a campaign doesn’t meet its minimum target, Angel Crowdfunding does not take any fees.



If you raise $1M, our fee would be 6% of that, or $60K.

*Angel Investors include all investors in Angel Studios, Inc. and other issuers on the Angel Crowdfunding platform. Angel Studios, Inc. is not a FINRA regulated entity and does not engage in listing any securities offerings. VAS Portal, LLC d/b/a Angel Crowdfunding is a FINRA-member crowdfunding portal and unless otherwise specified, all offerings on the Angel Crowdfunding platform are Regulation Crowdfunding offerings issued through Angel Crowdfunding.