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3,825 People*

*People includes all persons who have submitted subscription materials. Amount raised is an estimate that includes subscriptions, however not all such amounts have been accepted or closed, and some subscriptions may not be accepted.


“Hollywood has controlled what we watch for the past 100 years.”

Why do bad movies get made? Because the wrong people are in charge of producing them.

Only a handful of Hollywood executives decided that you wanted to see Shrek the ThirdThe Emoji Movie, the live-action The Last Airbender, plus all the sequels, remakes, and soulless content that makes up most of our film industry.

The system for producing movies is broken. Did you know 80% of Hollywood movies fail? You know what’s surprising about that statistic? That statistic isn’t surprising.

Think of the last 10 movies or TV shows you watched. How many actually filled your soul? How many were just empty calories?

Imagine all the billions of dollars wasted on movies NO ONE ASKED FOR.

Angel Studios puts the power into the hands of the people who are actually watching it. We believe that by putting that power in your hands, you can help us build a home for stories that amplify light.

You know which shows matter. You know which shows are "honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, or worthy of praise." (Phil 4:8)

When you invest in Angel Studios, you're not creating more of what's out there. You become part of stories that matter.

What is Angel Studios

We are a film studio platform that helps creators come together with viewers to create high-quality TV and film without the Hollywood guesswork.

So how do we do it? The content is created by the greatest film executives of all time. You.

...and Steven Spielberg (if he invests in us. Last chance, Steven).

Producers use our platform to pitch film content to you, and then you --the audience-- choose which projects qualify for investment.

We’ve seen time and time again that when an audience chooses what gets made, what gets made is exponentially better than guessing.

Angel Studios VS. Hollywood

Hollywood represents such a small percentage of the diverse groups of people that live in this world and yet it creates the majority of the content.

We’re not math experts but we know that ratio doesn’t make sense. So we decided to give you the chance to choose what you want to watch.

We think it’s crazy that so many TV shows are so bad. Most of us just scroll through Netflix for two hours instead of watching a movie that would take the same amount of time.

You’ve been making fun of horrible movies for years. You knew the interspecies romance in The Bee Movie was going to be bad—and that’s why we trust you to choose the best content better than anyone else.

Especially Hollywood. Because somehow Jerry Seinfield convinced them The Bee Movie was a great idea. And he’s supposed to be one of the good ones.

To paraphrase something Jerry would say, “What’s the deal with bad movies?”

Why should you invest?

Creating original content through a crowd of Angel Investors is the future of TV and Film.

Empowering people to choose what gets made while allowing them to share in the profits is a game changer, to say the least.

The movie business is a $280 billion industry (source PwC) that impacts every person on the planet that watches screens and it’s about to be disrupted in a major way

There is no team who can pull this off like Angel Studios can.

Why are we so confident we can pull this off? Because our model has already pulled it off. Multiple times.

In 2018, over 19,000 of you wanted a TV series with a historically accurate depiction of Jesus.

These investors invested over $10 million dollars to produce The Chosen, which became a smash hit, being viewed over 100 million times, generating over $30 million dollars in revenue in 2020.

In contrast, Hollywood produces most of Seth Rogen’s movies because Seth thought it would be fun and we know how most of those turn out.

The Chosen isn’t just a financial success story, it’s almost universally beloved with 12,000 positive reviews on IMDB and a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.

To put that in context, the Avengers movie only got a 91% Rotten Tomatoes score, and they had all the infinity stones.Thousands of other Angel Investors raised over a million dollars to fund The Tuttle Twins, the most crowdfunded kid’s cartoon in U.S. history. And the accompanying Tuttle Twins books have sold over 2 million copies.

And most recently, fans of Studio C raised over a million dollars for an original sitcom called Freelancers.

And We forgot to mention: we created this model and knocked it out of the park while being sued by Disney and negotiating a settlement.

Not to brag but if we could accomplish all of this while battling the largest corporate behemoth the world has ever known, imagine what we could do without a legal battle AND your help?

We want to enable creators of TV and Film to produce content that matters to you, plain and simple.

Plus, we want you to make money. When Angel Studios see big returns, our Angel Investors will share in our success.

We can’t make any promises on future returns but...

If you had invested with us in round 1 back in 2016, your investment would be worth almost 3X today.*

That’s infinitely more financial return than Hollywood has ever given you.

Since generating over $47 million dollars in revenue in 2020, we believe we are at the beginning of something huge.

You have the chance to invest in us today and grow together.

*Past performance does not guarantee future performance. There are many risks to investing. Investors should review all of the offering documents before choosing to invest.

What your investment means

Your investment will do 4 things:

1. Build the Angel streaming app

2. Expand the crowdfunding platform*

3. Market to new audiences and

4. Help take creative control away from Hollywood

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t join the 30,000+ Angel investors** for $8.90 a share. At the very least, you’ll be an angel, and that’s a pretty cheap entry to heaven.

And, of course, when we grow, you grow. In 2016, our offering was for $3.00 per share, we’re now valued at $8.90. That’s an almost 3X return on investment.***

*Angel Studios will build out the platform its affiliates will use to operate regulated offerings on.

**The number 30,000+ refers to the combined sum of investors who have invested in Angel Studios and any other issuers through Angel Funding.

***Past performance does not guarantee future performance. There are many risks to investing. Investors should review all of the offering documents before choosing to invest.

Neal Harmon

Chief Executive Officer

Neal Harmon has served as Chief Executive Officer since he helped co-found Angel Studios in 2012. Neal worked for Orabrush, Inc. from 2009 to 2013, a company he co-founded, where he served in such capacities as Chief Operating Officer and as a member of the board. He's a co-founder of the Harmon Brothers advertising agency, which has helped clients drive over $350 million in sales with over 1.3 billion views. Neal received his master’s degree from Brigham Young University in Instructional Psychology and Technology in 2002, and his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University in American Studies in 2001.

Jeffrey Harmon

Chief Content Officer

Jeffrey Harmon is a co-founder and Chief Content Officer of the company. He co-founded Orabrush, Inc. in 2009 and served as its CEO from 2009-2010. He continued to serve as Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Orabrush from 2010 to 2013. He's a co-founder of the Harmon Brothers advertising agency, which has helped clients drive over $350 million in sales with over 1.3 billion views. He currently advises other startup companies and concepts. He attended Brigham Young University from 2006 to 2008 where he studied business marketing, traditional marketing, internet marketing, and business administration.

Liz Ellis

Chief Operations Officer

Liz Ellis is our Chief Operations Officer. With her finger on Angel Studios’ pulse, she’s the ultimate people person, and works to ensure a positive work/life balance for everyone. From 2009 to 2015, before moving to Angel Studios, Liz was the Director of Operations at Orabrush, Inc., where she oversaw personnel and managed large operational tasks. Liz is also a sought-after executive coach, workshop facilitator, ICF Professional Certified Coach, and a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.

Liz is the heart of Angel Studios and has instilled a culture that brings out the best in our employees. Her executive-level personal coaching to every team member inspires their best talents and helps them solve challenges, both personally and professionally. Through her tireless empathy, Liz keeps the heartbeat strong at Angel Studios.

Abinash Tripathy

Abinash Tripathy

Chief Product Officer

Abinash Tripathy serves as Chief Product Officer. In this role, Abinash oversees the Product and Technology teams to ensure millions of customers are delighted with innovative, simple, and truly engaging experiences every day through stories that amplify light throughout our society.

Prior to that, Abinash served as the Founder and CEO of Helpshift, Inc. where he was responsible for creating the world's first mobile-first Customer Service CRM technology that is deployed on over 2B+ mobile devices. He currently is the Chairman of the board of Helpshift, Inc. In his past career, he occupied the position of Managing Director of Zimbra APAC (a Yahoo! company), Managing Director of Openwave Systems Inc., and Product Technologist at Oracle Corporation. Abinash also holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from American University.

Patrick Reilly

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer, Patrick Reilly oversees the accounting, financial planning, analysis, treasury, and audit functions at Angel Studios. Someone has to. Patrick is a seasoned veteran of tech startups. Prior to Angel, he was Financial Controller at Wingate Web (acquired by Active Network), the VP of Finance at Allegiance, Inc. (now Maritz CX), and the Financial Controller at Moki Mobility, Inc. Patrick has been fundamental in helping create and refine processes in both finance and accounting that allow for quick and reliable data analysis and decisions based on real accurate information. He has all the financial savvy of Wall Street with none of the felonies.

Brad Pelo

Brad Pelo

Chief Distribution Officer

Since October 2020, Brad Pelo is the company's Chief Distribution Officer, and is responsible for distributing creators projects globally after they successfully fund and produce their show. Mr Pelo is a serial entrepreneur, most recently of New York City based SAY. Previously he founded i.TV, the pioneering leader of social television that powered solutions for Nintendo, DIRECTV, AOL, Telus and others. He was the co-founder and President of Folio Corp. (acquired by Lexis-Nexis), (the world leader in family history research) and NextPage, Inc. (ProofPoint). He is the co-founder of, a charitable foundation that provides grants each year to public schools to encourage the modeling of leadership in the classroom. He also served as an outside director for the Tokyo based D&M holdings, a consumer electronics company with brands Denon, Marantz, Boston Acoustics and McIntosh.

Ajay Madhok

Vice President of Product Strategy

Ajay Madhok is the Vice President of Product Strategy. Ajay is a growth architect who has experienced innovation from both sides- helping grown-ups innovate and building startups to disrupt them. Ajay's expertise is in translating good ideas into new products and growth vehicles. He runs ReBoot, a Venture Studio that builds startups, advises venture funds, and consults large corporations to amplify their innovation efforts. He is an advisor to Playground Global and a member of the technology advisory council of Harman, a Samsung company.

Ajay is a distinguished visiting scholar at MediaX, Stanford researching corporate innovation and organizational resilience. The purpose-built startup is one such model that draws on his experience in combining foundational assets of an enterprise with startup talent to create new growth vehicles.

Dalton Wright

Board Member

Dalton Wright is a technological optimist who loves his role in venture capital where he gets to meet and support a wide variety of extraordinarily talented entrepreneurs who endeavor to build consequential companies. His expertise is founder support on the early startup journey, including ideation, opportunity identification, product/market fit, business model, team building, fundraising, and GTM strategies. Dalton helped launch the fund to Kickstart and, later, Kickstart’s student-run Campus Founders Fund (CFF). Dalton also assisted in founding Mexico’s first early-stage tech fund. Today, his investment focus centers around data networks, analytics, ML/AI, blockchain, and health IT. His superpower is his openness to new ideas, people and possibilities and wishes he could live far into the future to see what we are building.

Paul Ahlstrom

Paul Ahlstrom

Board Member

Paul Ahlstrom joined as our director in 2014. Paul has served as Managing Director of Alta Ventures Mexico Fund I, LP since 2010. Over his career, Paul has directly participated in more than 125 venture capital investments and previously represented vSpring Capital on the boards of, which was sold in 2007 to a private equity firm and went public in 2009 (NASDAQ: ACOM), Senforce, which was sold to Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL), and Altiris (NASDAQ: ATRS), which went public and was then sold to Symantec. (NASDAQ: SYMC), GlobalSim and Aeroprise. Paul has also served as an advisor and board to many successful venture-backed startups including Rhomobile sold to Motorola, SpaceMonkey, SendMi,, and Jott. Paul is the author of the popular book related to business startups, *Nail It Then Scale It*, and received his B.A. in Communications from Brigham Young University.

Neal Harmon

Board Member

Neal Harmon also serves as CEO and Co-Founder of the company.

Stephen Oskoui


Stephen Oskoui is an Advisor to Angel Studios. He is managing partner of Gigafund, a venture capital firm backing the world's most ambitious and transformative entrepreneurs. Gigafund makes long-term concentrated investments in founders and CEOs who are capable of growing with their companies and maximizing impact over a period of decades. Gigafund contributed greatly to the growth of SpaceX.

Ricky Ray Butler


Ricky Ray Butler is a 15 year digital entertainment veteran who has been at the forefront of reimagining the entertainment and advertising landscape in a world of ever growing digital content. He found Plaid Social Labs in 2009 which was later acquired by BEN. Today BEN is leading the way in helping architect the burgeoning creator economy with AI and deep learning. With the recent acquisition of TubeBuddy, BEN is helping the 6M+ influencers and creators on the platform to be more data driven, in addition to connecting brands to the right audiences in non-ad supported media across film, television, streaming, and influencer.

Butler serves as an advisor and investor for entrepreneurs and charities who share his relentless quest for disruption and deep learning, including applications of natural language generation in gaming with AI Dungeon and powering automated machine learning using unstructured data with Zeff (acquired by DataRobot). Additionally, Butler is the co-founder and co-executive producer on the critically acclaimed streaming series, The Chosen. As one of AdAge’s 40 Under 40, and a member of Forbes Agency Council, Butler is serving as the catalyst for the next generation of data driven entertainment and advertising. Like any data driven creative, Ricky spends his free time creating art no one should see and reading about the myriad of ways data has and can continue to improve the 21st century. Ricky Ray lives with his wife and two children in Los Angeles.

Derek Andersen


Derek Andersen is an Advisor to Angel Studios. He is the co-founder/CEO of Bevy, a SaaS product that helps companies like Salesforce, Atlassian, Google, Snowflake, and Adobe build virtual and in-person communities. He also co-founded Startup Grind, a community of 600 chapters in 125 countries educating, inspiring, and connecting startup people. Since 2012 Startup Grind has hosted 10,000 events for more than 500,000 people. In 2010 he co-founded Commonred which was acquired by Derek also previously worked as a product manager at Electronic Arts.

Luiz Laffey

International Language Manager

Luiz Laffey is the International Language Manager for Angel Studios. Luiz is responsible for all the productions which are searching for a world-wide audience in their own language. Portuguese, Spanish, German, Polish, Hindi, Chinese, Tagalog, whatever language you need, he will provide the best experience to the audience, bringing the highest skilled voices talents to make the original production speak like a native. Luiz is also a Brazilian actor with over 20 years of experience in soap operas, dubbing, voice over, TV commercials, and feature films. As the Brazilian voice for more than 150 different characters, from Inside Out to Star Wars, versatility defines Luiz Laffey.

Nicole Workman

Chief of Staff

Nicole is our Chief of Staff. She keeps the entire company running smoothly. Her attention to detail keeps us all organized, on time, and well-fed. Previous to Angel Studios, Nicole was a key player at Orabrush, managing retail logistics for 4400 Walmart locations. Nicole’s ability to see a need and fill it before anyone even asks is uncanny. We would be lost without her hard work and loyalty.

Cordila Jochim

Cordila Jochim

Director of International Development

Cordila Jochim is the Director of International Development. Cordila has been a brand builder for companies from Amazon to fintech startup Agio to global movements like LeanIn.Org. As a Movement Builder, she is committed to helping projects, like The Chosen, continue gaining momentum worldwide. She has built partnerships with major institutions, including a partnership with the military to help support women veterans. Along with her skills as a Marketing Executive, Cordila is an author. Her book From the Core: A Spiritual Journey of Losing Everything and Finding Hope was published in 2019. She is a Keynote Speaker giving speeches on hope and inspiration, something she continues to do for the entire Angel Studios team.



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